“BBB20”: Manu Gavassi e, Babu Santana as they reward the best and the worst in the program’s in-joke


The right end of theBBB20“we gave him a new one, and the iconic two-fold: Manu Gavassi and Babu Santana. While the girls got ready for the party is this Wednesday (the 15th), after the removal of the Gizelly, the brothers were in the spotlight at one of the funnest moments of the night. Dressed for the gala, the singer, the actor has put on a prize-giving ceremony for the best and the worst of the issue. The result couldn’t be better!!!

In the fourth Heaven, and Manu and Babu inciaram in the play, who, soon after, he gained a more elaborated version in the same room with all of the participants. “Are you running for this award, Flayslane, Philip, the Prior, Rafa Kalimann, Hadson, the Player, Thelma and the Queen, Manu, Gavassi, Babu Santana, GALLERY, Take, or Mouth, the Rose, Victor Hugo, the Law Fairy, Gizelly the Hurricane, Daniel, eater of beans, Ivy, Pyong-handler of milk,” they said to the hosts.

In the category of Best Bullshit of the “BBB20” helped “the War of the Fish”, “War of the Foam”, “the War of the Beans,” “Take the x-Rafa Kalimann,” “The Walking Women”, “Flayslane x Rafa Kalimann,”and “Manu Gavassi-x of Victor Hugo. But it was the “War of the Cookies”, from Manu and Babu, who ended up winning. In the Best Phrases, a friend of Bruna Marquezine was mentioned in the iconic ‘ the abacaxizinho is always in the hands of the abacaxiz√£o, with the whole world falling down with laughter.

She won the award for Miss Fitness, while Rafael has been awarded for having the best speech, motivational part of the season. Watch a few excerpts below.