Coronavirus: the Rolling Stones, is featured in a film festival against the covid-19


Just thirty minutes after the festival, the online One World: Together, At Home, and arranged for her Lady Gaga in partnership with the The World Health organization (WHO),start. With all of the artists chosen for the Concert, and the event was broadcast by all of digital platforms and services, such as Globoplay, and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to the channels of the TV world and INTERNET.

In the event, WHO brought out the names of the weight Paul McCartney, Elton JohnSecond verse begins , Gaga, and Celine Dion’s new as it Was Eilish, and Lizzo, and other artists from different genres, such as Taylor Swift and the band, The Rolling Stones, for example.

At the time of the coronavirus, with a series of shows and events being canceled around the world, and the opportunity to attend performances free of charge, direct from the sofa, was not wasted. After 16 hours, one hour after the start of the live, the time when the band is american, The Killers started to play the first notes of the hit song “Mr. A basic interface” has been in the spotlight. The pre-show saw performances from artists such as the singer, Writing, Niall Horan, and Charlie Puth.

In addition to The Killers, who were responsible for the spike in viewership at YouTube — 750.068 thousands of users watching at the same time — the topics most talked about on social networks, worked with Jessie J and Adam Lambert, who sang a couple of songs, and Rita Ora, who has submitted a creative video on the song “I Will Never Let You Down. Their names, as well as the titles of the songs they sang, they were working on a Twitter for a little over an hour, but it ended up being preempted by a live, virtual singer, Justin Bieber.

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For a little more than six hours, the artists sang some of their greatest hits and songs that have marked the humanity. Health care professionals from all over the world have given their testimony, so much to thank you for the honor, as to show the situation in their country of origin if it is due to the coronavirus.

In the second part of the event, which he started at 21, was the the presentation of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert, and the opening of the interpretation of “Smile”, by Nat King Cole at the Lady Gaga experience. In the following, for the artist Stevie Wonder performed a medley, starting with “Lean on Me” and Paul McCartney’s rounded out the trio with a home-made video for “Lady Madonna”.

The band, the Rolling Stones, for example, on a display screen is divided into four sections, touched it to the famous “You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Despite the fact that the video is being recorded, and the tone was much closer to a live — the home of the film festival online.

Billie Joe from the band Green Day sang “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. Already, the singer Taylor Swift performed the song “Soon You’ll Get Better”, present in his latest album, “Lover”, written about her mother, who has cancer.

The spreading of content across platforms, both traditional and digital earned record-breaking views on YouTube, and how it was to be expected. On Wednesday, the 7th day of April, in the singer’s country Inscribed in it Also managed to reach the 3.2 millions and millions of fans are likely to have a transmission that lasted over three hours. Before that, the record was a double by Jorge e Mateus, with its 3.1 million people. You already live in the cantor Wesley Safadão, which started at the 20 on Saturday, has reached the mark of 1.7 million from the access to the site forty minutes after it had begun.

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The event was a partnership between the WHO and the institution as a Global Citizen, and it was also compared to that of Live Aid in 1985, which was attended by artists such as Queen, Madonna and David Bowie. The event was held at the Wembley Stadium in London and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, pennsylvania, in order to raise money to combat the famine in Ethiopia.