Critique of “the Run”: a new series of mandatory, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, gives the role a well-deserved Merritt Wever – Present


The touch of Ruby’s shakes as he writes the answer: “the same three letters. For the first few minutes of the series to leave us in suspense, while the description promises a stand-up.

We learn that Billy’s (Gleeson), and Ruby, and they made a pact when they were young sweethearts in college, and the first two episodes don’t add much to the story. Now in their 30th year, they meet on a train and take you to the discontent in their lives, in the bag.

After it is installed. There is an immediate chemistry between the Wever and Gleeson, sexual tension, an unique understanding of those who share intimacy with him. Ruby and Billy, trying to recover from all the mind games/psychological, drawn, like an old habit that if you try to give it a new lease of life. But he spent a lot of time. They are not limited to, expectations as well and the chemistry starts early with the alarm, let.

This is the chemical that ensures that it has Merritt Wever in the leading role of this serial was the right choice, but after so many years as an actress in high school.

The truth is, you’ve been always on the radar of the large-scale production. In the series “Nurse Jackie,” won him awards, Netflix has relied on it for “Godless”, and “Unbelievable”. He has participated in “New Girl,” “The Walking Dead”, and, in the film, was also on the “Wild Side”, “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance),” and, of course, is “Another Story”. Optimistic, awkward, funny, and more often than not, in a more serious, here’s one actress who is able to always be a presence of light in the story.

Vicky Jones (credited as creator and writer) and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (executive producer) – the pact of friendship he inspired in this series rely on the protagonist to a female to give birth to her, and that you’ll be able to also be interesting, comical, and dramatic. They both come from successful partnerships, such as “Killing Eve,” and “Fleabag”. And then “Run”, which is inherited to them with the same tone, daring, as well as challenging to women.

In the first two episodes, we oscillate between the point-of-view of the seals and that of Billy’s. The power in the relationship, the exchange of a hands-on role expectations and the need to escape. And, of course, because it’s the world outside that the train is not so, nor forgive the past. There is no way to judge Ruby for leaving her family and embarking on it.

Judging from the trailer [disponível em cima]we will have more characters and surprises at every turn, preventing us to focus only on the relationship of the old couple. But what you can see in the first two episodes, this indicates that the “Run” will certainly capture the attention of the admirers of Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who will make more on this later), and the first british who did not hesitate to lay bare issues such as, sexuality, and racial stereotypes, and discomfort that may cause…


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