Diversity: Selena Gomez will launch a line of make-up to 48 tones from the base


It is likely that many of the black people have found a hard time finding it, especially in a database that is matched to your skin tone. Even though this situation is changing slowly, it’s not as if the issue has already been resolved. Considering the diversity of the people, Selena Gomez announced today that its new line of cosmetics, a Rare Beautyinspired by the latest album will be The 48-shades-of-base. It is not necessary that the news has left the fans happy, right? After all, it has passed from the time of the brand with an understanding of the diversity of color that exist in the world.

Selena Gomez talks about a Rare Beauty, from the beginning of the year, and in an interview with the The Interviewsaid, that the goal is to increase the self-reliance of the people. “I want to start a conversation with them about how you feel as well. It’s not necessarily that you need these things to feel beautiful. For people of my generation, I have all this pressure to adhere to the standards, and I wanted to create a line that aliviasse a little bit of this,” said the owner of the song “Boyfriend”, which was launched recently.

The complaints about the lack of diversity in the industry of cosmetics is a line of the old, to those working and campaigning in this field. One of the first to revolutionize the market, it was There with the Fenty Beutyat the launch of a line of The 40-shades-of-base. Even today, Riri is known for being the owner of a mark as received. Do we have anyone serving as the inspiration for Selena Gomez? Let’s hope so. For more details, just keep an eye on here Purebreak.

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