Drake breaks record for the insane in the TikTok “with” Toosie Slide


The challenge of the dance, “Toosie Slide of the dragon has become the “trend of the music the most rapid in the history of the TikTok.

The plans of the dragon to blow up the TikTok a song, and it is a challenge to dance to a carefully worked out was even better than he could have expected. Sources say that the “Toosie Slide, which is designed specifically to inspire a love of dance is viral on the TikTok, was established and officially set a new record in the application of the people.

The TMZ reports that the experts of the TikTok has estimated that the hashtag #ToosieSlide has managed to accumulate one billion views in just a couple of days. These statistics make it a challenge #ToosieSlide the “trend of the music faster, to be developed in the application, which has received three billion page views in total so far. These sources have made it clear that those views have been added to all of the content by using the hashtag #ToosieSlide in the application, not just to the original post of the dragon”, where he presented the song for the first time.

The same sources indicate that the trend of #RiseandShine Kylie Jenner was the first one in to get a billion page views in October, but it took a lot longer than just a couple of days for that to happen. Considering that the “Toosie Slide was initially developed with the goal of becoming viral on the TikTok and dominated the charts in the Charts, it shouldn’t surprise that the music of Drake and he broke this record in context.

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