Fans can take part in a new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro; you Know How it is!


In your profile in Instagram, Leonardo DiCaprio did a side by side Robert De Niro in saying that, it will give the fans a chance to take part in his new movie, ‘Killers-of-the-Floer-Moon’.

This is a campaign of the The All-In Challengein which fans can donate between The$ 5 and$ 5000 to help the charity in exchange for a role in the next film Martin Scorsese.

Noting that all of the money raised will be split between the Meals on Wheels America, The Kid’s Hungry and America’s Food Fundthat will help in the fight against hunger for thousands of people in the united states.

After the grant, the applicant will be drawn at random, with a prominent role in the film, as well as spending a day on set with the stars and the director, and to participate in pre-launch.

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“We have recently launched the tag #AmericasFoodFund to ensure that all families in need have access to food at this critical time. The most vulnerable communities need our support more than ever. For this reason, we ask that you please help us with the #AllinChallenge. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to work with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and to me, this is your chance to do that. Robert and I are going to be starring in a new movie calledKillers of the Flower Moon‘. We would like to offer you the starring role and the opportunity to spend a day on set with us and be part of the pre-launch.”

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We recently launched #AmericasFoodFund to help make sure every family in need gets access to the food at this critical time. Our most vulnerable communities need our support now more than ever. That’s why we’re asking you to help us with the #AllinChallenge. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be able to work with the great @martinscorsese_, Robert De Niro and myself, this is your chance to do that. Robert and I are going to be starring in a new movie called Killers of the Flower, the Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese. “We want to offer you a walk-on role, the opportunity to spend the day on the set with the three of us, and attend the premiere. To take part, please go to and donate whatever you can. 100% of your donation will go to @MealsonWheelsAmerica, @NoKidHungry and #AmericasFoodFund (@wckitchen & @feedingamerica) @officiallymcconaughey, @theellenshow and @iamjamiefoxx, will you go all in with us?

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In accordance with the The Wall Street Journal, With he came into contact with the Netflix and with the Apple TV+ to talk about the film’s production.

Previously, the feature was being developed solely for the Paramount Picturesand in the beginning of the day of shooting was scheduled to start in march of this year.

However, the studio stopped the project even before the outbreak of the Coronavirus because of the high cost of production, valued in a The US$ 200 million.

The same is true for the 2018 ‘with’Youfor the Paramount pictures he decided to forgo the rights to distribute it because he could not afford the costs of the ultra-wealthy to rejuvenate the squad by the visual effects.

It seems, With you want to make a masterpiece, and is not willing to take less than the amount mentioned, and this is why the streaming platforms have entered the radar of the film-maker.

Even so, the Paramount pictures still attached to the production, but the cost will be split between the studio and the streaming platform is chosen to take over the distribution.

In this way, the film can be released in the movie theaters and go straight to the live stream in the space of a month, as it has been done ‘You‘.

Meanwhile, further details have not been disclosed, and there is still no timetable for a return to the production until a deal is worked out.

Remembering that Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio have been confirmed as the main protagonist of the film. Both of them worked together on the The ‘Daughters of Man’1993.

Rodrigo Prieto, a frequent contributor to the With, will be director of photography.

Based on the novel of the same name by David Grann and written by the award-winning Eric Roth, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon‘ follows the journey of an indian tribe Osage, which sees many of its members killed after the discovery of oil under the soil of the reserve in the late 1920’s. When the murders take on gigantic proportions, the agents of the FBI come into the region and to expose a greater conspiracy.

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