Gal Gadot has been inspired by Indiana Jones and James Bond, to make a Wonder Woman 1984


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With a release date slated for August of this year, Wonder Woman 1984 it promises to be the flagship of the The universe, Stretched on the DC Comics by the year 2020. In the film, will follow an all-new adventure for the princess of the amazon, at this time there in the late 80’s, as long as he is facing enemies such legends as Maxwell Lord and Women’s-Black.

Here’s more information from the Wonder Woman 1984:

Wonder woman 1984 and retains a few elements from the Batman-vs-Superman

Women’s Leopard, and Maxwell Lord is featured in the new image of Wonder Woman 1984

The new image of Wonder Woman 1984, shows the heroine against a Women’s-Black

Luiz Fernandoan analyst of the film industry, and he explained a little bit in your Twitter with regard to the proposals of the movie. According to him, the Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot would have been much more inspired by the films of the franchise 007 and Indiana Jones to compose a new adventure to a more global and integrated, which would take Wonder Woman to the world, and beyond:

“Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot have wanted that, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is greater than the first, and they wanted to turn Wonder Woman into a heroine of the world to the United States of america. They wanted to make the film as a ‘global experience’ such as Indiana Jones and James Bond in the early 80’s, with locations abroad.”

And Fernando continued to talk about all of the ideas in the back of the rental period for the movie: “An example of this would be to go back to the Temíscira, and that it was not in the original plan. But [Patty Jenkins] he realized that he needed to show a contrast between the world that Diana had left behind, and to his present existence, and alone in the world, the comfort of the men.”

These changes appear to have pleased the fans, even though the film will not even be close to the movie theaters. Many of you are anxious to get back to the Island Paradise, and it will be interesting to see how the Wonder Woman conquer the world in other countries, and not just from the eurocentric perspective, or an american one.

Below, you can see everything you need to know about Wonder Woman 1984:

Wonder Woman 1984 his debut The 13th of August.

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