Henrique Portugal Skank, pick five clips for you to enjoy in isolation


The selection of a keyboard player in the band, mining the will of the Paralamas do sucesso-the Rolling Stones

“I’m playing all day long, recording it, writing it, reading it very much. Right now, for example, I’m reading ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ of Dostoevsky,” he says with the help of maria maria, Henry, of Portugal, his routine is in forced quarantine by the multi-Covid-19. While the schedule of the shows on the band’s return, the group have announced a farewell tour, and with a pause at the end of the year 2020, the musician has devoted himself to personal projects, like the podcast is a weekly “After hours”, an idea which he is carrying on with the Lucas Penido, who lives in Miami, in the United States.

“It is only on YouTube for a while. We always have an interviewee, and had a small talk and a relaxed atmosphere on a variety of subjects, things in our lives. We have already received the Charles Gavin, formerly of the Titans, and Gaston, a former MTV VJ. It was really cool,” he said. In addition to this, Henry, Portugal with a live each Monday morning on his page on Instagram (@henrique_portugal).

For this edition of the series “a ” #Fiqueemcasa for…”., Henry, of Portugal, speaks about the clips, which he considers to be very special. It is worth noting that, in the 90’s with the Skank he was responsible for launching several music videos that made history in brazilian music, especially for the MTV generation.

Here is a list of the top five clips of the unforgettable help of the Skank:

> “Search for Life” (Paralamas do sucesso music from the album “Nine Moons”, 1996)

This clip is great, it has an aesthetic of the beautiful, it reminds me of the Little Prince. It goes in line with the video clip is a project of the arts and has a concern for the aesthetic is interesting, too.

>“Alas, alas, as I delude myself (The Suit song from the album “The sweet”, 2014

I like the use of the technique of stop motion, boy or girl. This is a technique of shooting very long time, it has also been used in that show the “Love In Action”, and in that animated movie “The Corpse Bride”. It is a process that is a lot of work, but it is pretty cool, as it does in this clip from The Set.

> “Secret” (Frejat, music from the album “Love To Start over”, 2001).

I love this song, and I like them too much, this thing is from the cartoon, playing with the playful one. It’s different, unique, out of the monotony of the format of the video clip.

> Anybody Seen My Baby (Rolling Stones song from the album “Bridges To Babylon, 1997).

This is an example of a video that you have a concern about art, and it is free. This is a video for a long time, it served as promotional material of the bands to play on the TV show, but “Anybody Seen Me Baby,” it’s more than that. This is a clip with Angelina Jolie is just great.

> “Pocone” (Skank, the song from the album “O Samba Poconé”, 1996)

In the clip, the Gringo Cardia, it is based on a remix of a song from Dudu Marote. It’s a style of video that is not done today, is a totally different thing – I would go on to play in the world. (laughter)