How to Lady Gaga was the star of the pop, the leader of the political


On Sunday, the 19th of April, the whole world was able to watch the concert of a dozen of international artists without ever leaving your home. Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, Maluma, Camila Cabello and Eddie Vedder these are just some of the names that took part in the issue to be a ‘One World Together ‘at Home’, a television show, which was curated by Lady Gaga. With that, the singer has managed to raise nearly € 120 million, which will be donated to the World Health Organization in the fight against the pandemic, the Covid-19. And so, the Concert becomes an icon of pop music to a position on important political player on the world stage.

The singer has used his international profile has more than 40 million followers on Instagram, and it is accompanied by more than 81 million people are on Twitter to get the attention of the leaders of the world. In the case of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who to Her and spoke directly to you on Twitter a few days prior to the issuance of a “One ” World bound Together at at at at at Home.

“The president, Emmanuel Macron, in the past year, has shown leadership in the fight against the pandemic. We need your support in the global fight against the Covid-19 of the United Nations, CEPI Vaccines (the Coalition for innovation in preparing for epidemics), and Gavi (the international organisation for the democratisation of the access to the vaccine). We’re all in it together”wrote Gaga on the social networking site.

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The same is done with the prime minister of canada, and Justin Trudeau: “Hello ” It Was Justin Trudeau. Thank you for the funding for the CEPI Vaccines-a call for the United Nations, and for all that you are doing to stop by the Covid-19, and flatten the curve. Canada is going to donate the funds to the Gavi to deliver vaccines to save lives in poor countries?”asked to name a few. To speak directly with the president of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, Lady Gaga said: “The president of the von der Leyen, as many as you know that the disease does not respect national borders”.

With 11 grammys under their belts, in addition to a Golden Globe award, a Bafta and a golden globe Award for best original song, and Lady Gaga has shown more and more that music is not his only goal. In an interview with “InStyle”, the singer revealed: “I’m not going to put my trust and confidence in the future of the human race in a single indvíduo. Also, it is up to us to manage the country. You put so much emphasis on the government this power, all-knowing, all-encompassing controls of our lives, I do not believe this to be true. I believe that we have the power to decide on as well as the culture of this country is going to be. We all have the power to decide how to deal with each other socially. And you don’t need to pour as much power into the hands of a single person,” he told Her. In 2016, the singer has campaigned for Hillary Clinton, who lost the u.s. presidential elections. This year, the Concert does not yet have a candidate, but it says: “I’m going to watch what’s going on. I think we all know who don’t I’m going to vote for”.