Kylie Jenner has been photographed without any make-up or extensions, and it appears that beyond recognition


Kylie Jenner has been photographed on Sunday (the 19th) while he was breaking the quarantine by the Covid-19 championship, and has appeared completely unrecognizable.

The socialite’s 22-year-old was caught by the paparazzi with no make-up and extensions, while visiting his friend Stassie Karanikolaou at his home in Beverly Hills.

In the pictures released by the Daily Mail, the Jenner’s can be seen without the usual long hair, or facial contours, while wearing a comfortable sweatshirt in pastels, and a set of trousers and a tie.

In the same way that she had left her shoes and socks are completely forgotten, and had to walk barefoot to the Mercedes G-Wagon was parked outside the house of your best friend.

In the cards Case is also shown with a big smile and a bag of chips tucked under her arm while you say good-bye to the Karanikolaou look simple, it is far from the aspect that it normally has in the social network.

These cosmetics do wonders, “Who is this?” and ” Why is she with bare feet, my goddess?”, there have been a few reactions to the photo so shocking in Twitter account.

Source: Maria Fuenmayor / Publimetro.

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