Kylie Jenner, Ursula Corbero, and Mexico are in love with this body


Comfort has been the order of the day for the style of the host state. The famous ” don’t give up on the style, but it can appear visually a lot more relaxed these days, you have to be in the house. And it’s a body, it is one of those pieces that fits perfectly with this concept.

And it seems that this is a model of the brand in the French Marine, Saw and conquered the celebrities all around the world. At least that’s the case Kylie Jenner, Ursula Corbero and Mexico. The Spanish actress starring in “The House of Paper”, it was the first one to come up with the play in December 2019 at the latest. The body, worn by Ursula Corbero for travel, has been combined with the pants the jogger, who set the tone for the estlio comfortable with the look. This body, with a background in light beige and it’s moons in a black-out on the official website of the brand, for € 210.

Already, the singer for the Spanish-Mexico emerged on Instagram this past Monday, the 20th of April, to eating popcorn at home, but you will look your very best. The singer has also invested in the same body, worn by Ursula Corbero, but in the version with the brown background.

Kylie Jenner follows in the same path, but have opted for a different model. At the beginning of march, we would have published a picture of the overall Marine Saw was the star in the sky. In the model, background, beige, and a belt to mark the waist, it is, in fact, the combination of the pants, priced at 325 euros, and a tank top that sells for 250, – eur. However, the top is already sold out on the official website of the brand.

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