Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper might be working with a new long-Marvel comics


Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper can make it back to the telinhas movie, as a couple, very much in the near future in the new, long, Marvel comics

After contracenarem in the feature film “a star is Born”, Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper could be back at the theater very soon, and for those who loved to see these two together, it seems, can come together to act together again in a new feature from Marvel Studios, “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3”. In 2019 at the latest information, it was said that the singer would play Lylla, who is a romantic interest in Rocket Raccoon.

Recently, it was reported that in the Film, the Updates, Lady Gaga would have been cast in the role of a character. Lylla is an otter, which comes from the same place that the Rocket and the planet Halfworld. The heir to a toy factory Lylla gets involved in a plot with a murder, where his parents are killed by a staff member who has a personal interest in their company.

Already, with Bradley Cooper is the one who gives voice to Rocket Raccoon. The actor takes on the role of a character from the first volume of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and has also done work for other feature films for Marvel, as the Avengers: Deadline, for example.

It is not clear that Lady Gaga is on the cast, and the film may take a while to post, due to the Covid-19

The Marvel universe is still not come to terms with it before the information on the participation of the singer in the new feature, as well as the release of the same, that may be the advances because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, it is estimated that, at a minimum, take two years.

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+ Officer of the Squadron, a Suicide bomber said about the sexualization of Margot Robbie as the Alerquina

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.3 has been directed by James Gunn, the same one responsible for the Squad as a Suicide bomber, which is expected to debut in 2021. The director and the screenwriter for the new project from Marvel and will only start working on it after finishing the production of the DC Comics.