Lady Gaga raises To$127.9 million, with the new ‘Live Aid’, and Gisele Bundchen launches a fund to help the families in brazil, it is 20/04/2020 Market


In a class action, as the festival has been organised by the Lady Gaga’s, or in the gestures of the individual, such as a donation of$ 1 million made by Gisele Bundchen, artists, and celebrities mobilized to provide assistance to the most vulnerable populations of the new coronavirus.

When you carry on the Saturday (the 18th), the “life of lives”, the festival “One World: Together At Home” (“One World: Together in the Home”), Lady Gaga, and the one-time star of the first magnitude in the music industry) raised To$ 127.9 million for the ngo, Global Citizen.

With the participation of artists from all over the world, among them, the old-timers, the Rolling Stones, the pop singer, Elton John, and in the united states teenage girl Was Eilish, the all-new “Live Aid,” the battle of the Covid-19, constructed in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the sum of over nine hours of shows that appear in Brasil by Multishow channel.

The income will be used to assist health care professionals in active in the fight against the hiv pandemic.

On Friday (the 17th), with an initial deposit of at least$ 1 million, Gisele Bundchen launched the fund in Light of the Alliance, in partnership with the BrazilFoundation, the organization of philanthropy, which supports numerous social projects in Brazil. The objective is to support the causes of the emergency, during the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“She came to us because he wanted to act quickly and effectively on the question of the supply of the families in a vulnerable situation,” says Rebecca Tavares, director of BrazilFoundation, on the phone from New York.

With the launch of the fund, then the model is said: “what we Need, more than ever, to engage in a sense of solidarity and empathy. Each of us can find his or her way of doing the right thing. The important thing is to take care of each other, in the way that we can.”

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In the first stage, the eight organizations will benefit from the fund and, among them, the Food Bank, and the Mothers in the Slum of the Single Central of Slums (CUFA), a Woman in the Building, and the Hospital da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre, brazil.

The institutions will receive, via the mapping, and the administration of the BrazilFoundation, the resource for the distribution of food baskets and hygiene kits to approximately 1,200 families.

The only requirement is for the top model was the organization to create the food baskets for healthy eating. “She has asked that you take out all the sweets and food with too much sugar for the kids,” says the director of the BrazilFoundation.

At the initiative of the fund in Light of the Alliance, according to Rebecca, it is a movement which stresses the importance of the role of the third sector, and stock-profit to help in the fight against the Covid-19.

“We add between US$ 3 and 4 million in donations, with the initiative She has, and we have$ 3 million coming in for new negotiations. Any amount is welcome. We have to think about it now, but also in the world in the post-pandemic,” she said.

For the player, I have also joined the movement against the coronavirus, initially, on the side of his friends, Gabriel Medina, Took the Hulk, Firefox, and a volleyball player Bruno. Together, they have a solidarity fund, of$ 1.5 million, which is dedicated to the rescue of the favelas, and the brazilian communities.

In addition to this, I have made another donation to an individual, in the amount of$ 5 million to be divided between UNICEF and the solidarity fund, headed by Mark “the Hulk”. The player is said to be in seclusion, in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro.

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In the world of football, soccer, argentina, Messi was one of the first to take action, to donate 1 million euros (approximately$ 5.5 million at the current exchange rate). The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, along with his agent, Jorge Mendes, has donated space for 35 beds for intensive care units (Icus) in two hospitals in the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto. It is estimated that the amount of the grant is eur 4 million (approximately R$ 23 million).

Already, the tv presenter Sabrina Sato has become the godmother of the campaign for True Solidarity, which was created by a group of people that is created to the Corinthians, with a view to helping people in need, affected by the Covid-19.

“We are for each other. By coming together in support. Together, we will come out stronger,” he tells her.

The campaign encourages donations by way of a great virtual event in order to raise funds for the purchase of a basket of basic food items and meals.

“To be a corinthian that’s it. We expect to distribute at least 20-thousand meals and a thousand basic food baskets,” says Simone Martins, one of the coordinators of the project.

On another front, in front of the action, so that Together we Are More, it has a FS, a developer of products for the security, and the presenter’s Celso Portiolli as an anchor, and launched a challenge to raise 50 tons of food that will be distributed to schools in the greater São Paulo area.

To make the campaign even more powerful, each and every donation that is received, both of which have pledged to add up to two more tons to that total. Up until this past Monday (the 20th), and they are celebrating in the sum of 45 pounds.

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“We joined forces to help those most in need, and to make the food get to those people, through the institutions is also suggested by the donors,” he says Portiolli.

Companies and individuals can help by accessing the site, and in less than a week of activity, it has now reached a mark of revenue in the 27 tonnes of food, including rice, beans, and pasta.

“We are following the motto” At home, yes. With your Arms crossed, no!’”, it reinforces the Alberto Leite, co-founder of the FS.

Other initiatives in the art world, albeit on a smaller scale, have been added to the fight. The case of the double-Anavitória, which released on Friday (17), and the song is “tell Me about your Window”, consisting in a vault of royalty reverted to self-employed professionals in the entertainment industry to live for a time in the market, the shows is at a standstill.

In three days, the song, which was recorded by the duo under the table, in the backyard of the house, it has over 100 thousand views on Youtube.

Ana Veloso, Ana, it’s a double, says that he sent the song as a surprise to your partner is Winning, with the message: “Music in Quarantine”.

“I was so happy to see her in the laying out of the feelings odd and the uncertainty of that time,” said Victoria. “What’s this song to come around, like a lullaby,” said the artist, on Instagram of the duo.


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