Live-Fernando & Sorocaba to win the SHOW, but it is behind Lady Gaga’s in the World · the News on TV


The rock climbing one at a time, which for the Record, suffering losses to the RedeTV! and the Band, as the live-Fernando & Sorocaba are not only able to overcome the competitors and have increased the audience of the tv channel, which has won the SHOW and became the runner-up on Saturday (the 18th). However, the show is the most viewed on the day of the broadcast was the transmission of the One World: Together, At Home, hosted by Lady Gaga and displayed on the website.

Viewed from 22h15 to 0h04 the presentation of the region’s inhabitants and scored a 5.7 in average, in the greater São Paulo area and secured the second place –for the station, Silvio Santos, registered at 5.6 on the match.

In the same range as the last few weeks, the Record has shown, the sequel to the Legend, died in the fourth and gave up less than half of the audience of the SHOW.

In the early morning hours of the sabbath to Sunday (the 19th), the 0h52 to 2h49, the Globe is forwarded to the VT for the live, One World: Together, At Home, and it brought together stars such as Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Alanis Morissette and Céline Dion. The concert of the international stars in the home reported by 6.8 points on average.

Please see below for all the audiences of the Globe, on the Record, and SHOW on Saturday, April 18:

The average of the day (7h/0h): 14,9
How Can It Be? The 4.8
It is in the House

The 6.5

SP1 12,6
The Newspaper Today A 14.9
The Better the School, the Teacher, on His The remaining 11.5
The Music Is Good At 10.9
Caldeirão do Huck A growth of 13.7
The New World 19,3
SP2 23,9
Entirely Too Much 27,0
The Journal Of The National 28,3
The Fine Print 31,9
Big-Brother-Brazil-20 25,4
Top Of The Hour A growth of 13.7
One World: Together At Home 6,8
Supercine: The Woods Without A Dog The 4.3
Bulletin-Selfie WIKI The 3.7
Owl 1: “My Dear Lady, 3.5 a
The average of the day (7h/0h): 5,8
Speaking Of Brazil, Special The 4.8
The school of Love It was 2.9
The Balance Sheet Of The Special The 5.4
Movie Adventure, The Closed-Loop The 5.3
City On Alert A 9.0
The newspaper of Record The 7.5
A Love Without Equal Is 4.5
Live – Fernando & Sorocaba The 5.7
Chicago Fire ” – Heroes of Fire The 4.3
I hope you Listen to them The 1.3
The Universal church of the Kingdom of God 0,5
The average of the day (7h/0h): 5,3
Key 2.6 a
Saturday-Excited Not more than 5,0
Park Weather Patatá The 5.3
The Thundermans The 7.4
Sam and Cat

The 7.4

The program of the More The 5.7
The Program Raul Gil The 5.2
“Caldwell’s WWE Raw The 3.9
ARGENTINA, Brazil The 4.3
Just don’t run into The 6.3
Squad-of-Fashion – The 5.3
Factory-Wedding The 5.5
It is Worth a Watch for The Night The 3.0
The supernatural The 2.7
Journal of the Week of the SHOW The 1.8

Source: Radio Stations

Each point is the equivalent of the 74.987 households in the greater são paulo

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