Nick Offerman would get to Me in 4 working with Taika Waititi


The actor Nick Offermanthe series Parks and Recreationhas a requirement for specific to to accept a role in a movie of Marvel comics to the director Taika Waititi. This is what he has revealed in an interview with Men’s Health.

I think that all of these big franchises – Marvel, or Star Wars in – store examples of the creativity, the wonderful, and also the exempolos of the material is not as good as that. Depending on what they have to offer, and that’s where I was and what was going on? If that’s the name of Taika Waititi is concerned, I’m running“.

Offerman, interpret, Ron Swanson in the Parks and Recreation and he has worked on several other series, such as Good OmensAmazon. He was also the voice actor for the MetalBeard in the two movies An Adventure On A Lego. Waititi has been a director of the “Thor: Ragnarok and it currently runs I: Love & Thunder.

In addition to the returns of the Chris Hemsworth like Me and you Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, the film will also Tessa Thompson returns as a Valkyrie. Speculation that the recent, also pointed to the escalation of the Christian Bale in a paper that has not yet been revealed.

The launch is scheduled for the 18th of February, in the year 2022.

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