One of the girl’s silly, a devotee of Kim Kardashian in the Neighborhood of Fatima – behind the Scenes


The character of Julian, do not miss..

Foto: Pedro Curi/TV Globo

One of the (Juliana Paiva) will not give up in the face. So much stress, was able to be entered in the contest for the Girl’s Fully Too much. She swears it is a girl with a natural beauty, a pretty face, which is the cosmetics company in the Bastille, and the journal Entirely Too much, both are looking for. But if you do, don’t be shy to take advantage of the tricks is nothing ethical to win the competition. Over the next week, One is going to hold Eliza in the bathroom, and steal the dress of the former flower shop. But when Carolina finds out the frame, and ask to not be kicked out of the competition, and he promises to do everything that there was to send. In the interview below, Julie Paiva, who was in the air as Luna’s), one of the protagonists of the ‘every man for himself’ is in the same range as that of the seven, he speaks of the suspension of the audio recordings of the novel are somewhat reminiscent of the love of it ‘All Too much’ has provided you with.

Photo by: John Miguel, a Junior/World

‘All Too much’ is created and written by Rosane Svartman and Paulo Halm with the general direction by Luiz Henrique Rios and directed by Marcus Figueiredo, Noa Bressane, Luis Felipe Sá, Thiago Teitelroit.

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