“Our hope is in Jesus.”


The pastor Carl Lentzof Hillsong New York city, called it Justin Beiber and it features several celebrities, as well as some of the members of the church. But a few weeks ago, Was tested positive for the coronaviruses and he warned that the disease spreads quickly “is 50 times worse than the flu”.

He is on the mend, said that it is “good, better, and very grateful to you for this,” he said to the journalist, Wendy Griffith of CBN News, and that God will change this situation for the good of the church.

Carl explained that during the two days, he felt his body weak, but why not show the common symptoms of the coronavirus, was hesitant to go to the hospital.

“It was right after the end of the week in which the whole of the situation, the quarantine has begun. It was a Monday, and we have just finished filming some stuff for the next Thursday at the church. At the end of the week I wasn’t feeling well, but on Monday I started to feel my body was very weak, in a way that I could see that it wasn’t normal,” he said.

And then, after weakness, if you keep it for two days, he decided to ask for the help of a few friends to take him to the hospital.

“I knew that something was going on, but it was able to maintain my temperature, I didn’t have a fever. So, after two days of me feeling this way, I realized that I needed to call a friend to help me. Actually we have formed an ‘army’ to go to the hospital to do this test,” he said. “The test was positive [para coronavírus]so, I spent two and a half weeks following trying to recover.”

Carl confessed that, in spite of all the confusion that is generated by the recovery, which he feels “blessed” to be able to go through this so we can get to know the pain of those who deal with the disease in order to be able to comfort those people.

“God has been so gracious and is such a blessing to be on this side of the situation, in order to encourage people who are frightened by it or fighting against it”, she said..

Lentz is the pastor of Hillsong New York city, where the virus has been dealt with most severely. He has come to preach two sermons, online, you will still get infected, and when he was asked about passages in the bible that have been presently talked to in John 16:33.

“I’m going through, and for me, in the words of Jesus, that is to say:” in This world you will have affliction; but have courage! I have overcome the world”. That’s all we have right now.”

“This is what I have been trying to express to the congregation: ‘we can’t run from it, because we are called to be the light of it, but our hope is in Jesus.’ It does not depend on whether you have the virus or not, and if you lose your job or you don’t,” he said.

Carl then said that the coronavirus brings attention to the need for self-reflection.

“This is a call to a reality that we need to look at our faith again, and to reflect on the question of whether there is the church of the holy communion, this celebration, but these things do not bring with them a challenge,” he said.

“I know we all face challenges, but that’s [pandemia do coronavírus] it really opens our eyes to our relationship with Jesus christ. What is it constructed of? It is built on the items or on the fact that, even though I’m sick, get infected, even though I have lost my full-time job, even though I don’t understand, I still believe that God is faithful?”, he said.