Privé, Hotels, and parks, it launches the playlist to enjoy at home


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There are seven choices from the lists that are available free of charge through the App Spotify, and the list can also be accessed through the link featured on the instagram official, or through the web site

Music has the power to stir the senses, the memory, emotional, or even change our state of mind. Inspired by their commitment to having fun, Privé, Hotels, and Parks has launched seven new playlists for those who want to celebrate a little bit of the times offered at their complex, and whereas, the public looks forward to creating new memories in person. The check-in is available in the music app Spotify, free of charge. Just go to the app store and on the phone, download the app, register yourself, and search through the list of Privé, Hotels, and Parks. Other options are to gain access to all the highlights, from the instagram @privehoteiseparques, where is the link or you can also access the site from the HYPERLINK “”ww.

Taken together, the lists of #VivaPriveRelax, #VivaPriveLove, #VivaPriveSertanejo, #VivaPriveTropical, #VivaPriveRaízes, #VivaPriveEnergy and VivaPriveSummer offered securities eclectic to suit all tastes, ages, and at different times. Among the highlights of the list, #VivaPriveRelax is the duo of Anavitória, Marcelo Jeneci, and even the sound of the band Lagum. The a-list #VivaPriveSertanejo brings to songs by Gusttavo Lima, Maiara & Lucas, George & Matthew, and Linda Thomas. In the playlist #VivaPriveLove, it is possible to enjoy to the sounds of Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston and the Bee Gees. For those nostalgic of the summer, is also on the list, #VivaPriveTropical with the music playing in Maluma, Anitta, and Camila Cabello. The VivaPriveRaízes carries insurance, as Evidence of the Chitãozinho and Xororó, and a Telephone black hole Trio Parada Dura. Already in the playlist #VivaPriveEnergy account, with themes such as Paradise, What You Know, and ” Hey Ya!. The a-list #VivaPriveSummer brings all the power of the funk, with artists such as Lexa, Pocah, MC LEAN, Jerry smith, among others. To find out about the latest news in the Privé, Hotels, and Parks are ready, simply go to the website

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About the Privé, Hotels, and Parks

With over 50 years of experience in the hotel business, the Privé Hotels and Parks, is a benchmark in the field of tourism and leisure, in Caldas Novas, state of Goiás. Have a portfolio of seven hotels with different concepts, providing an unforgettable experience for those who are visiting the area, as well as three water parks: the Marine Beach Club, Club Privé, and a Water Park.

So-called Prive Thermas Hotel, the Rob Gym App. to the Residence Service, the Prive Boulevard Suite Hotel, which would prevent the Marina Flat & Náutica Prive Riviera Park Hotel, to Deprive the Islands of the Lake and Eco Resort, and would prevent the High-View System the Resort, these hotels are strategically located and are you prepared with all the space and comfort needed for a pleasant stay, with excellent value for money.