Revealed, the script INCREDIBLE, along with a description of the scenes and the latest news about the movie Adam and Black


Adam Black
Adam, Man, Play, And Twitter)

Adam Black it was the predecessor of the current captain marvel, and she shares the same powers, but he is the most evil and dark. The character was created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck in 1945. He gained his powers in Ancient Egypt, and was chosen to fight the evil, preserve the peace, however, ended up being consumed by power and was eventually exiled by the wizard Shazam in the other dimension.

The new film from Adam, Black is scheduled to arrive in theaters in December of 2021. The web site of The Illuminerdi had access to a draft of the screenplay for the feature film, which will be Dwayne Johnson, the main character. The draft is shown in two scenes in the movie, this is the first appearance of Adam, the Black man in the film, and the other is about a Society of social Justice.

In the first scene it is seen to Teth-Adam, Adam and Black, coming together with his wife, Adrianna Tomaz, and his son, Aziz, the latter of which was created specifically for the film. The two characters will have a major role in the film. Adrianna is shown as a strong woman and is able to not be intimidated in the face of a Man. She seems to have amnesia and tells Adam that they need to go to the cemetery, the last place you can remember.

In the second scene of the script is shown in Splat-Atom Energy-Dark Lord, the Destination of getting Maxine Hunkel, to be known as a Part of the Justice Society of America. It seems that the Hawk Black is the one who leads the group. Were not disclosed details about the Lord of Fate, but big things are expected from him, after all he is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC. While the Smash-the Atom will have a love interest in Though, since the latter is well-known for being a character is speaking, and it shows a large fan in the Lord’s Landing.

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As it was reported that he was received by the site, it was just a rough draft of the script, so much of what has been described, it can be changed.

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