Rolling Stone magazine · the Director apologizes for the way harley quinn has been portrayed in a Squad on a Suicide; to understand


David Ayerthe director of the The Squadron’s Suicide (2016), responded to the criticism by the way Harley quinn, the character of the Margot Robbieit was featured on the long time. When you respond to fans on social networks Ayer he was asked by the sexualization of the Harley quinn, that is different from the role of a character in the The birds-of-Prey (2019).

Unfortunately, the arc of the story has been gutted. The film was up to her in so many ways. I first tried it. I was able to adapt myself to the HEADQUARTERS of the Harley quinn with accuracy and precision. It is all political now. All. I just want to be entertained. I’ll do better,” he tweeted.

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The reason the officer is not convinced of the following. “A female character is in an abusive relationship is not a politician, my dear. The way in which your camera is looking at her it was policy. The way in which you use it has been the policy. You treated her like an object and she still came out on top. It was also political,” wrote one internet user. The director of the repostou a message and thanked him for his words. “Written with great care, we thank you for that. I am growing and learning in a changing world,” he wrote Ayer.

The birds-of-Preyled by Harley quinn, it is considered to be a feminist film, and “a true perspective on the misogyny,” in the words of the Ewan McGregorthe Mask is Black. In spite of the success, the critics, the movie took the box office was lower than expected.

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