Rolling Stone magazine · the Queen plays the ‘We Are The Champions’ at version ‘quarantine’


Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert reunited virtually for the ring of a classic hit of the band

The The Queen + Adam Lambert they presented a version of the “orientation” of the classic hit “We Are The Champions” in a video from Instagram is shared on the social networks of the musicians.

The clip shows three different screens, with Brian May, Roger Taylor and Thus,. The musicians did a version with no harmonies, layered guitars and even the bass. In addition to this, the singer changed the lyrics of the song and instead of singing “We are the champions,” they said, “You are the champion.” Watch the video here.

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During the quarantine of the coronavirus, May he remained active in the social networks, and taught his followers to play the solo from “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The band has also shared performances of classical and other songs by the band, and he challenged his fans to follow him on the “Hammer to Fall”, a hit from 1984.

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In another post May he warned the users of social networks to stay in the house during the downturn of the covid-19. He said: “I feel that this may be the single most important thing that you’ve posted. There is so much misleading information out there – people saying that the coronavirus is not a threat – even if it does not exist. Our government has failed to act promptly, and have followed the advice catastrophically bad, that it eventually will produce hundreds of thousands of deaths”.

It already Thus,if scheduled to take part in the live of GLAAD, titled ” Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone, on Sunday, may 26. In the event that it emphasizes the role of community members in the LGBTQ+ against the disease, and will also feature in the film She and Bebe Rexha.