San Francisco no longer come to the Uk in the year 2022. World Youth day postponed for one year


The next World Youth day, which is supposed to be held in Lisbon, in the year 2022, has been put back to August of 2023, due to the multi-covid-19, it was announced this morning at the Vatican.

Due to the current state of health care and its impact on the movement and aggregation of young people and familiesthe Holy Father , together with the Congregation for Laity, Family and Life, he decided to postpone it to the next World Meeting of the Families for a one-year, scheduled to take place in Rome, in June of 2021, and that the next World Youth day, scheduled in Lisbon, in August 2022, respectively, in June 2022 August 2023,” said the Vatican in a press release.

The agency of the CHURCH, argue that, in a statement, the Local Organising Committee of World Youth day has led to a change in “the current situation of public health and the economic consequences arising therefrom and, in particular, to the need to focus our efforts and resources on supporting the most vulnerable”, while reiterating the call to “care for the most vulnerable families, and to all the people who, for a variety of reasons, are suffering from the effects of a pandemic caused by the a-Covid-19”.

Recently, because of the pandemic, the ceremony to mark the passing of the symbols of World youth day, the Youth of Panama to the Uk, scheduled for April 5th, has been postponed to the month of November.

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The World Youth day (WYD) is considered to be the largest event organized by the Catholic Church. At the end of the event, in 2019 at the latest, which took place between the 22nd and the 27th of January, in the City of Panama, it was announced that the name of the city of london as the next capital of catholic youth from all over the world by the year 2022. The cost of the operation rondariam of 50 million euros.

They were expecting about a million people in the capital city of portugal. The site chosen for the ceremony was in the Park and the river Tagus, in Parque das Nações, and to the North, and in Bobadela, as reported in the DN, only after they have been placed in other situations such as the Shooting of People, or on the basis of Montijo, and from the over-the-Air.

The pope had already announced the theme for this pilgrimage is “Mary arose and went with haste’, which, according to the Church, is a passage from the Gospel of St. Luke.

In the earlier editions of the journey took place in Cologne, Germany (2005), Sydney, Australia (2008), Madrid, Spain, (2011), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013), Krakow, Poland (2016), and in panama City, panama (2019).