Selena Gomez has “lost control” of one’s personal life in a relationship with Bieber


Selena Gomez is the star of the latest issue of Interview magazine, in which she addressed a range of issues, including the way he dealt with the exposure of his relationship with Justin bieber Bieber (that last, between one high and one low, in 2010, the year 2018).

“I’ve been through really difficult things, and, like it or not, it’s a picture that was painted of my life, for the sake of it. It was scary because I didn’t want it impact the course of my career,” said the artist.

In this regard, she added, as her personal life: “it Got out of control when I was very young. I think I showed people that I was weak at certain times, and that he had problems,” he said.

In the case of Justin bieber Bieberby being constantly reported by the media the character tabloid, Gomez turned out to see and feel the effect on your skin. “When things happen more or less in this way, it has gotten out of control.”

Having said that, the celebrity said that he had to start telling the truth to the fans, because a lot of the things that have been spoken about you were false.

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