Selena Gomez will launch a make-up brand


With the premise of a female empowerment brand, Selena Gomez, aims to make its consumers feel good about themselves

The more an artist goes into the field of beauty and amazing projects. The Singer-and-actress Selena Gomez has announced at the beginning of this year, the launch of her own brand of make-up, the RareBeauty. Since then a lot of it is about how they’re going to be in the product.

On the 4th of February, and she’s not only informed about the brand, as I also already said when it would be released. “Guys, I’ve been working on a special project. I can tell you officially that in my line of Rare Beauty, will be launched by Sephora in the united states in the summer”,- wrote on his social network. As well as his new album, Rare brings you the song about self-love and the empowerment of women, the mark-up, signed by the singer in the same style.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez releases brand new look. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Selena is well-focused when the intention of using the mark. In this way, the choice of the name, “Rare”, (rare in Spanish) that was on purpose to encourage each one to embrace their individuality. In other words, try to leave the perfection of the hand, and teach you that you don’t need to compare yourself to other people. For the beauty of each individual is determined by looking at each other, but as each one is seen individually.

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In an interview with Amy Schumer magazine The Interviewshe said that I would like to raise the self-confidence of the women under this brand name. “I want to start a conversation with them about how you feel as well. It’s not necessarily that you need these things to feel beautiful. For people of my generation, I have all this pressure to adhere to the standards, and I wanted to create a line that aliviasse a little bit of this“ he told her.


Although it is expected to be announced in February, very little is known about the products, but the singer has time and time again, the leaves of some of the spoilers on social media. Recently, she revealed via instagram that you have used their products in the make-up of the clip of “Boyfriend”. In this case, the make-up the lipstick, and the shape emphasis.

Of course, the other piece of news that has brought a lot of joy to the fans is that the singer has also announced that the brand will be around 50-shades-of-base. In addition to the concealer, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara to her lashes.

The brand will be launched during the summer in north america. Starting in June, and will be available at Sephora and on the official website

By: Gabriela Garcia

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