SHOCKING video shows just how violent is the new hero in the Marvel comics


The behind the scenes video of the Asgard 2 is outstanding, the action of the Cable, it is a violent place. Launched by the year 2016, the Deadpool of the original, which starred Ryan Reynolds as the anti-hero’s dirty mouth, it has proved the viability of violent movies, of the comics are prohibited for children under 18 years of age, raising US$ 783 million at the box office worldwide.

After the success of the Fox, released the Asgard 2 in the year 2018, it has been another great success, with$ 785 billion collected worldwide. Unfortunately, the future of the Asgard as a franchise of movies, is up in the air, now that Disney owns the rights to all of the former property of Fox.

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It is clear that there is a financial incentive too obvious for Disney to make more movies for Deadpool and the films they will probably come up at some point. The concern of the fans, however, is that Disney chooses to take an approach that is most familiar to the anti-hero, ruining much of what made the first two movies are fun and entertaining.

In addition to the tone and violent for the fun of Reynolds, the other major element of the success of the Asgard 2 is that it is the performance of Josh Brolin as the title character Cable comic book from Marvel comics. To the extent that the quarantine of the coronavirus happening to you and around the world, it continues releasing new material to help distract the population more and more tired, Brolin has released a video from the set of the Asgard 2 is on Instagram, experimenting with a scene of a violent struggle of a Cable with you, because, as you can see below, at the end of the story.

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In the video, Brolin is certainly a fun one. Among other things, the video shows just how much hard work is put in to the choreography of the fight scenes in the film, while Brolin has a number of movements controlled by someone off-camera.

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To assist in the work of Brolin in the video really goes to show that actors who take on roles in the big films, the action they undertake-so-deeply-to-be, in a way. Of course, being muscular helps in the physical appearance of the character, but to be in the best condition it also helps when it comes to the rigors of rehearsing and performing of all of the many stunts in order to make the films as the Asgard 2 is just as fun for the audience.

Fortunately, it’s Disney, it somehow will find a way to keep the Asgard alive, don’t remove all the heavier elements, so that the fans can have fun with Deadpool, Cable, and playing a violent and a bit of fun.