SIC, News and Movies in the quarantine: “Lore”


The seizure of the cinema on the grounds of multi-coronavirus, in the movie, “the Black Widow”, which is produced by the studio Marvel comics, featuring Scarlett Johansson in the role, it is one of the securities, the date of the premiere has been changed from 1st of may to the 6th of November. If the new schedule is confirmed, we don’t have any doubts that the name of its director, the australian Cate Shortlandwill gain a level of popularity that, even now, you may not have received otherwise.

However, Shortland’s the author of one of the film’s most unusual, and disturbing, made during the twenty-first century, on the memories of the Second World War — it is called “Lore”, is the result of a co-production between Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, has won the audience award at the Locarno film Festival in 2012, and can now be seen on the platform of the internet.

From the point of view of the theme, the uniqueness of the film begins in the rarity of its approach. In contrast to the majority of films about the second world war, this is a story about the losers, or more specifically of a family from the south of Germany, where the father, an officer in the nazi army, he fled with his wife when it became clear that the war is lost.” In such a way that the main characters are his five children, led by Lore (the remarkable Saskia Rosendahl), they are advised to seek refuge at the home of his maternal grandmother, in the heart of Hamburg-that is, about 900 miles away.

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This is a story of survival, which can be defined as a journey of revelation, from the beginning, the main character on mission to control and protect all the brothers, and Lore you’ll also begin to discover the horrors of the war, the family hid, in particular, from the moment that you are a young person in the jewish, as they try to survive in a scene of profound desolation.

In addition to subtle, realistic to the conduct of Shortland, perfectly served by a great cast, it is interesting to note the importance of the music of Max Richter’s characterization of the places, environments, and actions — this is the theme of his band’s sound.