Spine Surge Around the World, We are at war, and we have entered into the History books


By Bruno Guedes

In the midst of the chaos caused by the Covid-19, is our generation’s take on a historical event that goes beyond that of the coronaviruses. And then, little by little, we will be giving an account of it. It is the deferral of the Olympic games in Tokyo. It occurred only twice in History, both on account of the War of the World we live in today goes into the History books.

The first cancellation of the Olympic Games and it happened in 1916, at the height of the First World War. They should be placed in Berlin, Germany, one of the involved in the conflict. At the time, the event was larger than at the present day, however, this was considered to be the largest athletic event in the world.

Because of the expansion of the information technology that is beginning to take shape, with the non-performance has gained resonance in the papers in Europe. But it has been involved in a war, which until then had ever been seen before, with weapons and a cruel addition to the well-known, the focus ended up being to take advantage of the spaces in the olympics for the military.

In the case of the Daily Mirror on the 12th of April 1916. Weeks after you have confirmed the cancellation of the paper leading up to its readers images of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, and is used for the training of new soldiers. At the time, the biggest doubt was about how to and where to be for the next few years. And it could have been. The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, brought him in on June 3 of that year, the talks of the founder of the Olympic games in the Modern Era, Baron de Coubertin, saying that it saw no problems with the place in the 1920s in “any place”.

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This place has been in Antwerp, Belgium. Four years later, the Gods of mount Olympus and the athletes who have come back to find it. However, this time, he was no longer in Ancient Greece. If in those times the wars were stopped for the Games, and in the twentieth century, it was the opposite. The flame of peace is gone, and the first historical fact that it was written in.

Exactly 24 years later it would happen again and again. And, on two occasions. The Olympic games of Tokyo, as it is now, in 2020, which date back to the 1940’s, and London, 1944, were cancelled. And it’s the same route that have the headquarters in the countries involved in the war. In addition to the Summer now the Winter has been undermined, and with the poor play, the Second World War. They will have a local contest in Japan, Switzerland, and Germany, so distributed, to four years later in Italy, respectively, over the same period.

The largest armed conflict that Humanity has ever seen brought down by the ground in any argument is “the Games of Peace”. In the decade of the 40’s, the culture of the sport, had gained the dimension much larger due to the transmission via the radio, and the ever-greater access to communications. The cancellation of the Games in 1940 and earned a negative impact huge as a signal that the war started, could go a long way. As well as, now, a number of events were slowly being rolled back as well.

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The family became famous on account of the many players who would be playing the editions they have gone to the front of the war. Many of the football players, sprinters and swimmers, they were in uniform and defending their country. And, on both sides. Recently, Louis Zamperini, olympic athlete-american who was taken prisoner after the fall of his plane in the Pacific Ocean, and he became famous after his life is portrayed in the film “the Undefeated,” directed by Angelina Jolie.

But this time, it’s different from everything else. Tokyo 2020 has fallen to the earth on account of the war, where he united the whole of Humanity, or at least the part of it that you know that the struggle of science against the Covid-19 this is a religious war. It was a coronavirus the one who brought down this year, and the athletes on the podium on a temporary basis.

Before we would hear about this historic event, now we have experienced the hard way. As well as how we relate to moments in the column, and in the future others are going to do. And it will remind you of the History being written by the year 2020. But this time it’s for the soccer stadiums have not been taken down by guns and soldiers, but for the purpose, and medical care.

There are more people going to the front, but is confined to the house, and, oh, what a war this time it will be less long-lasting. The media is all over the place. Even in the palm of your hand or in the right of all. And every day the headlines are alarming. Like all the other times.

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Today, we are sorry for the deferment of the Olympic Games, and seek a solution. However, the books written by the generations to come who will reveal the face that we live in right now. And to those who acted in the correct manner or it does not. The names and their agents will not be forgotten.