The fan uses a Deepfake to correct for the effect of a visual rough of the Justice League of america


Justice league of america (Disclosure of information)

Who would have thought that one day the technology of the Deep, Such as would be used for something different than other politicians! A fan was able to fix the GCI done on the lips of the actor Henry Cavill in the film Justice league of america using the deep community. For those who don’t remember the whole problem with Cavill on the film of the DC began with the departure of Zack Snyder.

Those who took over the project, he was the director, Joss Whedon, who ended up making significant changes to the story, and for that reason a number of refilmagens. This has caused a problem for the main character of The Witcher, who had been working on a Mission Impossible to: Effect, birds of steel, a character who had a great mustache.

After the clash between the Warner Bos, and Paramount pictures, each one is responsible for one of the long-acting at first, decided to digitally remove the bottles from Cavill in the refilmagens of the Justice League of america. The result could not have been more unfortunate, as the fans found that ridiculous, as well as the critics, many of them in the midst of the CGI done in the face of the actor as one of the major problems with the ticket office to have the ficao expectations.

Now, the user of this YouTube video Jarkan has recreated the opening sequence of the Justice League of america using the Deepfake. In the video, and the lip of the Cavill looks a bit more normal than the version that went to theaters in the year 2017. To Compare the two versions below:

In the movie, the Justice League is in the midst of a storm of controversy, still attached to its former director, Zack Snyder, and he says it has the cut of the original movie, dropped by the studio and took part to the movement to put pressure on the same as the release version. The movement has gained the membership of the names of the cast and Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, and it was found that the call to Zack Snyder, not only is there, as he was able to vouch for their quality.