The fashion of the record that inspired the clothes of the model, the Lu-If – there was


It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of the clothes of the songs. Ariana Grande, and even Nicki Minaj have also dared, in superproduções is entirely built with a material. An eye to this trend, the model of the Lu-Born is inspired by the celebrity, and the frame looks with the latex that is identical to one of them.

In his talk to the Guys in Portugal, which was launched in January 2020, for example, he did a test using the gown in the vinyl color is lime green, as well as walked in to the Kim Kardashian on the streets.

In the second production run, and the Lu is also very bold in a black vinyl and the mask of “the bunny, sexy like the one that was used for ” Ariana Grande in one of her photoshoots. In the magazine, the blonde bombshell also was a big hit with the lingerie made of latex is entirely pink, as well as the one worn by Nicki Minaj.

Photos By: Glauber Bassi

“It is a kind of material that leaves the body is the most sexy in addition to highlighting the corners. It is a play for anyone who has an attitude and does not have other methods with the body. I did it all tailored to my body,” he said.

Lu Duarte also talked about how hard it is to dress up the outfit. “It’s a bit difficult to dress up for the part, and I identify so much with a video clip from the Kim is wearing it with one latex-free candy. Are you in need of help all the time to put together, it is impossible to dress myself, and get it perfect. Have to get it all smooth,” he said.

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Photos By: Glauber Bassi
Photos By: Glauber Bassi
Photos By: Glauber Bassi