The Mandalorian Documentary about the behind-the-scenes of the series in 8 episodes



The documentary of the Making of the series, The Mandalorian, the Jon Favreauhas had its title revealed The Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. With the launch to the 4th of May, the day on which the Star Wars Daythe documentary will be 8 episodes in, and it will show you how to cast to give life to the characters, the special effects and the technology involved in the series, the concept art and creatures from the series of interviews organized by the Favreauin addition to the influence, and “easter eggs” Star Wars: clone Wars series.

The Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

On the documentary The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau he said:

The Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian it’s a chance for fans of the series to take a look inside and see from a different perspective, and perhaps a better understanding of how the The Mandalorian if you … and some of the staff is incredibly talented, from his first season, he Said Favreau. “We had a great time doing the show and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

The ILM on his Youtube channel, ILMVFXpublished a video about the special effects used in the series The Mandalorian:

The name of the documentary is released, The Disney Gallery: The Mandalorianthe Disney he released some of the information on the The first 4 episodes:

The Episode “In The Direction Of

The Mandalorian - Documentary - Episódio1 - Directed By Jon Favreau

In the first episode, the filmmakers talk about their individual journey on the way to the director’s chair, and to lead us into the process of film making from the The Mandalorian.

The Premiere Episode, “Legacy.”

The Mandalorian - Documentary - Episódio1 - the Legacy of George Lucas, and Jon Favreau

To the rear of the The Mandalorian it examines the impact of the STAR WARS: CLONE WARS the George Lucas Is.

The Episode “The Squad”

The Mandalorian - Documentary - Episódio1 - Casting Carl Weathers - Pedro-Pascal - Gina Carano

Pedro Pascal Gina Carano and Carl Weathers they discuss the production of the The Mandalorian.

The Premiere Episode, “Technology,”

The Mandalorian - The Documentary - Episode 4 - Technology

Favreau and a team that is not a new technology, the film has been used in order to give life to the Mandalorian.

The Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian get started in 4-May-2020 the channel Disney +.

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