‘The message of the church should be renewing our membership in the church, and a witness of the resurrection,’| news Are Paul’s


As stated by the Archbishop of São Paulo, at the mass on Saturday, at his home

Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, presided over the holy mass in the morning on Saturday, the Octave of the feast of the Passover, in the chapel of his residence, or transmitted by radio, and the internet.

The liturgy of the day has a passage from the Gospel of St. Mark (Mk 16,9-15), which contains a summary of the events following the death and resurrection of Jesus, and how much of it was difficult, at first to the apostles, they believed that the Lord had indeed risen from the dead.


In his homily, monsignor Odilo was observed that, even in the face of the unbelief of the apostles, and Jesus christ confirmed it and sent him on his mission.

The Cardinal also pointed out that, even today, there are christians who have doubts about the resurrection of the Lord, as he did on the field survey of the religious life of the city, carried out by the synod of archdiocese.

This is a Gospel as well, ” said the Archbishop, “it shows the weakness of the one who was in charge of the announcement of the Gospel,” and also as “the logic of God, it really is baffling,” because He chose simple men who, in themselves, do not have the strength to preach the Gospel, “but the Lord was with them.”


“The fact of the resurrection was so powerful that the apostles could not deny, even to men who are weak and simple,” said Odilo, pointing out that, even when threatened by the jewish authorities for the spread of the Gospel, they said, “we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard”.

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The Archbishop noted that, for those who still believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus christ is an invention, “and we have the testimony of the apostle, to the saints, and of the Church for over two thousand years ago.” “The message of the church should be renewing our membership in the church, and a witness of the resurrection,” he said.


At the conclusion of the mass, a Gift of christian life, noted that, according to the tradition of the early Church, new christians were with the white robe received at Baptism and at the easter Vigil, during the whole of the rest of the year. On the second Sunday of Easter, the neophytes depunham of these garments, and they began to live in the day-to-day.

“The white robe speaks of the dignity of all of God’s children,” said the Cardinal, referring to the prayer of the liturgy of the day, you ask: “and Give to those who have been reborn through Baptism, the robe of immortality”.

“That, in the course of your entire life, not the loss of dignity, and that we will be welcomed into eternity,” said the Archbishop.


The Archbishop called on the people to celebrate the Day of the Lord in their homes, in families, in keeping with the celebrations, as transmitted by his church and the communities, in line with the recommendations of the authorities to counter the multi-COVID-19.

On this Mercy Sunday, April 19 the holy father will preside at mass at 11 am, broadcast by the radio station On July 9 and the page for the Archdiocese on Facebook.

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