The world Festival will not have a show Anitta and anger of the fans: “Humiliation”


The singer from rio Anitta (PHOTO: Playback)

Touted as the one of brazil in a vibrant global festival, “One World: Together, At Home, with the assistance of Anitta has confirmed that the artist, contrary to what a lot of sites now, it’s really not going to do a show with a virtual event. The festival, which is organized by Global Citizen and brings with it the curatorship of the ” Lady Gaga will bring the funkeira live, directly to your home, for just one of the attractions at the event, which is scheduled for Saturday (July 18).

The information is obviously frustrated with the fans of the singer who were waiting for a live performer since the wavelength of the transmissions of the shows on the web, it started on the march for the cause of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Many of them were disgusted by the information, and people complained about it on Twitter.“A punch in the doeria a little?”, “It is not trying to be conceited, but to me it seems like a humiliation to the greatest singer in the country to sign on to live, to say, come here, go away”, “I Hope that in this post about Taylor’s and spend a little time talking to the living”some of the messages from the fans.

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Just to be involved in the “One World: Together, At Home, there is a fairly substantial career on the international Anitta. It’s the only one in brazil to participate in the project in and of itself even if they don’t show up to the event. The prestigious film festival, will be shown to the whole world, on television and on the web. On such as Elton John, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion are confirmed, in addition to Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

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In Brazil, the broadcast will start at 16h (Brasília time), in Globoplay, and in the post-mortem takes place. The big concert will start at 21, when it will begin to display live on MTV. After the program, “Altas horas”, a Network of Globe, you also want to view two hours of the show. Check out the names of the singers, the personalities involved, both directly and more indirectly.

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