The ‘X-Men: the Phoenix is the Dark’: Director reveals, because I don’t want Wolverine in the movie.


Wolverine has always been a key figure in the franchise ‘The X-Men.’. Since 2000, he has appeared in all the films of the fact, that even with only one cutting edge on a few of them. In addition, however, ‘X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black’ it is the exception, and is the director of the Simon Kinberg he explained the reason why.

‘The Last Stand’ it focused more on the pain than To do that of their own, Jean, and according to Kinberg, that it was a mistake, that he didn’t want to repeat it.

“This is the story of Jean’s,” he said Kinberg the Rolling Stone Magazine. “I’m committed so much with it that you don’t want to take the chance to get away from Jean without having to rely on one of the favorite characters of the fans. I wanted this to be a very different experience from seeing a film in the X-Men.”

Kinberg he claimed that while the marvel comics of the Hugh Jackman I could fit it all on the line for a time set by the film and his participation as a Weapon X ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ it was something that he didn’t want to explore.

“If you’re familiar with the story of the Phoenix is Black, you don’t want to tell you a story of the love affair between Logan and Jean,” he continued. “And I think that the concept of the Same Name, though it is not apparent in the old, and Sophie Turner’s… don’t fall well to me…. Or to any other person.”

It is, of course, that the story of the original Jean, and Logan were never really a couple, and this bow has been taken over by Scott and Jean in the majority of the HQ”s from the 1980’s.

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X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black‘ it was taken out of all the rooms in the film, and it marked the worst collection in the history of the franchise, of the head. The film ended its journey in the us, with only a THE$ 65.8 milliontaking the “record” of the worst box-office that used to belong to the ‘Wolverine: The Immortal‘ who has made US$ 132 million in 2013.

Worldwide, the film also took the worst of the franchise: he’s just as much as$ 252 million.

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