“Troll 2” is the biggest debut for a digital in the us all of the time, it says Universal


Since the beginning of the pandemic, coronavirus, movie theaters all over the world have been closed, and the studios were forced to delay their new releases, but some of the titles that have been released directly in a digital format, such as is the case with “Troll 2,” which Universal Pictures has decided to release simultaneously in digital format. In spite of the risk trade, it seems that the decision was: is The Universal, says that the title has become the highest debut on the digital format in the united states, the history of cinema, beating the previous record holder “the Jurassic World: the Kingdom at risk” up to ten times.

The company did not disclose the figures, but, in fact, the film has debuted at the top of the charts in the Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, FandangoNow, Comcast, among many others, where you are available at a cost of$ 19.99. It is not clear if the results exceed the box-office. But it’s also not surprising is the result, as in the movie, it was very much expected, and we had a very good reception from the critics. This is the first installment in the high-a level to be taken directly in a digital format.

A scene from “Troll 2”, by DreamWorks Animation. Photo/Allmusic

“Troll 2” features the return of the Poppy, and the village learns that there are other worlds to Live apart from their own, where everyone has their own style of music, in perfect harmony. That was until the Queen Barb, out of the tribe of the rock, and be determined to wipe out all of the other songs that aren’t in your music. “In a world where everyone is the same and it is equal that is not in harmony,” said the voice in the first trailer for the film.

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In the original version, and brings the voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, J Balvin, she was a Fairy, Flula Borg, Kelly Clarkson, James Corden, Esther Dean, Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, George Clinton, and Anderson .Paak, Sam Rockwell, and Jamie Dornan.

Walt Dohrn, and David P. Smith, return in the direction of the stream of “Now” which is scheduled to debut by the beginning of 2020.