Ultimate and-dinosaurs in the snow


Director Colin Trevorrow has posted a photo of the behind the scenes of Jurassic World: One indicating the possibility of a dinosaur in the snow…. Like to all the other films of the films in development in Hollywood, the sequel Jurassic World, is currently suspended due to a pandemic, the coronavirus, and because of this, you may find it difficult to keep to their release date.

Despite this, however, Trevorrow has confirmed that he is still working on the film in a home away from home during the outage.

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At the conclusion of the trilogy of Jurassic World will be Trevorrow coming back to the director’s chair after Juan Antonio Bayona has replaced him in the command, into the Jurassic World: the Kingdom Threatened (which Trevorrow also co-wrote and produced), by the year 2018. In addition to tying up the storylines from the two previous installments, the player’s to World: One wants to make the most of the difference between these films and the trilogy of Jurassic Park-bringing back Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern on her role as Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, and Ellie Sattler.

In fact, this is the second of Goldblum with his “Jurassic World,” and after his brief appearance at the beginning and at the end of the Kingdom is in great danger.

Among the many other characters who are returning for Jurassic World: One’s Maisie Lockwood (The Sermon), the grand-daughter of the late Sir Benjamin’s Plot – but she is actually a clone of his daughter, who was rescued and adopted by the heads of the saga, in Owen (Chris Pratt of the Upcoming Deadline), and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), at the end of the Kingdom is in great danger. Trevorrow recently indicated his return in the film, tuitando a photo from the set of Jurassic World: One showing the filming of a scene with the Sermon, as you can see below, at the end of the story.

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On the one hand, more intriguing, this picture suggests that One would be the first movie of Jurassic World to present the dinosaurs in the snow…. Already that Kingdom is Threatened, he finished with the rest of the survivors and the Island Cloud from being released into the world, and it is fitting that this new film will show the people who are living in all kinds of environments, including snowy landscape.

In the second film, Jurassic World offered a sample of the exciting that in the final few minutes, and in the post-credits scene showing dinosaurs popping up in all sorts of places, from the zoo to the beach, and to Las Vegas. In the world of Jurassic World, dinosaurs, meat-eaters are hot-blooded, and the grazing animals are cold-blooded; therefore, all the conditions of winter, you may not be able to protect the people from becoming a snack for the dinosaurs under Control.

After that, the player’s the World has kept of its action, is contained in the Island-Cloud, and nearly half of the Kingdom, and Threatened that occurred in the centre Plot, the hope is that it will Control and enjoy his premise of an open world to give an experience unlike anything else in the franchise so far. The short films of the past year, The Battle of the Big Rock, and directed by Trevorrow, gave us a preview of what it is like in the life of a human post-Great you are in danger, and the results are a good omen for the end of the trilogy.

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Jurassic World: One that is marked for the 10th of June, 2021, but it may end up being delayed.