who are the heroes that must join into the universe of cinema [LISTA]


Phase 4 of the USING it will bring you to several new characters. With the introduction of a series of Disney+ or in a full-length feature films, a new chapter in the world of super-heroes, has already confirmed names are important, and the other is still under speculation.

Here are the notable additions, and some of the possible Marvel comics, in the movies and TV.

The Eternal

The Eternal it will be the next big thing-team of heroes In the MCU. These extraterrestrial beings, with powers of life and the absurd, which through the ages have been worshiped as gods, are to be performed by a cast of awesome: Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Kit Harington these are just some of the names on it. Due to a coronavirus, in the movie, their premiere, February 12, 2021.

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Jennifer Susan Walters it’s in the press Bruce Banner and it has gained similar powers to that of the Why when he was shot and saved by a transfusion of the blood of the company. Even though you have less strength than a giant emerald in the She-Hulk it has been transformed, permanently, and it is fully capable of controlling your anger. She is going to win a series in the Disney+with a debut scheduled for the year 2022, with no certain date as of yet.

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Miss Marvel

Kamala Khan this is the first heroine of a muslim’s Marvel comics, in addition to being a teenager. After receiving cosmic powers, the girl has been inspired by the Captain Marvelto combat the crime. She will star in a series on the streaming platform, but no date for the film.

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The knight of the Moon

Marc Spector he is a former soldier of fortune who believes she’s been possessed by an ancient egyptian god of the moon, and then returns to New York with the knowledge of deadly combat, for a small fortune, disorders, types of personality, and a desire to take the law into their own hands. If this is a series of Disney+ you are free from the censorship of the PG 13 and the characteristic of the Marvel comics, the result can be a hero, well, grim, violent, and entertaining.

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The Underwater Prince of Atlantis and has been referred to inUpcoming Deadline(2019), but the presence of it in the USING it is not yet certain. It can also be introduced as a rival to the Black Panther after earning a film, a solo or emphasis.

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Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock it is described in the novel as a “living child”, and was responsible for the defeat His in the COMICS the original Infinite Challenge. It was noted in the post-credits scene of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2 (2017 at the earliest), but it’s coming it’s still not right. It is very powerful and you can use any of the gems of the infinite with ease.

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New it is the most powerful of the troop of rangers to space from the planet Xandar. This planet was mentioned in both movies Guardians of the Galaxy and has been torn apart by His in The Infinite War (2018). So, there remains the question: where was the The new? Could it be that he will come in as a new addition to the universe and the cosmic web Marvel comics?