Write down in your diary! The Lives of the week and have performances of Ivete Sangalo, Luan Santana, Compassion, and Sandy & Junior-get it all!


The song you can’t stop it! The quarantine against the new coronavirus, with the musical performances online, has become an encouragement to the people of brazil, who is in the house — not to mention the amount of donations to some of the artists have been collecting to help those most affected by social isolation. This week, another round of stars, will storm the screens of mobile phones, televisions, and computers with special shows.

Thanks to the use of this type of initiative, the general public has had a chance to watch some special. The festival is “One World: Together, At Home, that happened last Saturday (18), and brought together the top stars of the international music scene. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Andrea Bocelli and many, many other stars have recorded the presentations of the exciting straight from their own homes. On top of this, the most special of the eight-hour concert brought in$ 127.9 million (Us$ 670 million) to the NGO ” the Global Citizen.

In Brazil, the lives, and the most anticipated of the week is from Sandy & Junior. The duo, who closed with a concert tour celebrating the year past, will be singing the biggest hits of his career on Tuesday evening (the 21st) at 20. For the lovers of country music, the two events are expected to gather a huge crowd of viewers as well: the transmission of Luan Santana on a Sunday (the 26th) at 18, and Maiara, and Lucas, on Thursday (September 23) at 21. Already a Compassion cheer of the fans on Friday (the 24th), at 18. Rt Ivete Sangalo, for its part, has been on a Saturday (the 25th), starting from 22h.

As we are not all or nothing, the hugogloss.com gathered here is a schedule of what will be happening during this week for anyone to miss out on any bapho! Own it:

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17: 30 – Black
19 – #SescAoVivo: Pato Fu Fernanda Takai +, John Ulhoa)
20 – Sandy & Junior

19 – Beautiful
19 – #SescAoVivo: Roberta Sá
20 – report by the open society

18 – Up
19 – Heaven’s
21 – Maiara e Lucas

FRIDAY 24/04
17 – Paula Fernandes
18 – Compassion
19 – #SescAoVivo: Paulo Miklos
19 – Fingernail-Painted
20 – KondZilla Festival, In the Concerts of the Jottape, Here, the MC Kekel and MC, MM)
21 – Simone e I
22: 30 – Felipe Araujo
23 – PK

On SATURDAY, 25/04
15. – Grin
16 – Home Sessions (seu Jorge, Luedji Luna and Mayer Hawthorne)
17 – Bell-Marques
19 – #SescAoVivo: st. John Bosco
19 – Melim
20 – Gustavo Miyon
22h – Ivete Sangalo

SUNDAY 26/04
16 – Mumuzinho
18 – Luan Santana
19 – #SescAoVivo: Zélia Duncan

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Get ready to live HISTORY, 26/04, at 18, is directly in the backyard of a home on YouTube! Most of the audience, we’re all here in search of help. Help, I unicefbrasil I cufabrasil // THE ground is getting donations from individuals and businesses for, among other things, to purchase kit items for health and hygiene for vulnerable communities in the Country. Find out more how you can help at http://unicef.org.br // CUFA (Unique Central of Slums is an organization recognized both nationally and internationally in the areas of political, social, sporting and cultural, that exist over 20 years ago. It was created on the basis of the union between the youth from various slums, mostly black people, who are looking for spaces to express themselves, their attitudes, questionings or merely their desire for living. Find out more http://cufa.org.br

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And for those who like to arrange everything in advance, you can jot down what’s coming! A list of the lives, and see it perform like a Kid (28, 20) and in de janeiro (29, 20). Already in the month of may will be arthur and Matthew (June 2, beginning at 17), Dilsinho (4 June, at 19: 30), Lucas Lucco-up (day 7 from 20), and a feat unprecedented among the Wesley Safadão and the negro Race (July 16).