A show on the History of


It was the most amazing, significant, incredible, historic, amazing event in the pop music world since Live Aid – two concerts simultaneously in London and Philadelphia, bringing together all the, all the great groups and artists of the English-speaking countries, on the 13th day of July, 1985, in order to raise money to help the victims of famine in Africa.

Only there was no applause, screams of joy, and wonder, at the end of each song. Each and every one of the artists featured in their home. Even in those bands, of course, was the first show of the Rolling Stones, for example, in the 58 years that they are on the road, and in which each of the performers was at a different place from the others, each one in his house.

It is, of course, it’s obvious that it’s a show with no applause, no audience in front of the performers, it’s a completely different show, in a stadium packed with people.

It is very obvious to you.

But what it lacked in warmth, the atmosphere of the concert stage at the beautiful One World: Together, at Home, and it was a full, well-balanced by the importance of the historical, political, sociological, symbolic and also practical part of the event. (Are you running a hashtag: #OneWorldTogetheratHome.)

To begin with, by its very nature, the very purpose of the event was a show in the planetarium, along with artists from around the world, in front of an audience worldwide, to support the work of physicians and other professionals in the field of health care, and also to all of those who are its core services. And in order to emphasize the need for people to stay in the house, and the only way possible to deal with a pandemic of a new coronavirus.

All in all, the event lasted for eight hours at a time, from the 15th to the 23rd hour Saturday, 18/4, at the time of the event. 19, at 3 o’clock in the morning of a Sunday in London, from 14 to 22 hours in New York city, from 11 am to 19 pm., in the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco bay area.

It was an event, with the same structure – even if it’s in two parts. In between one song and the other artists in the music industry, film or television made the comments in respect of the fight against the Covid-19, and there are interviews with doctors, nurses, and scientists, all talking about the pandemic, and the images of the most diverse cities in the world are empty due to the detachment of the social order.

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And it was an event whose primary purpose was not to raise money. What sets it apart from the Live Aid and some of the other great meeting of artists for a cause the Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden in New York, the U. S. A. for Africa song from the album “We Are the World”.

This is One World: Together, at Home, and repeated it several times, which did not exist to solicit donations from viewers throughout the world, and Was made to pay tribute to the professionals working in the area of health care and the essential services (transport, water supply), and to highlight, once again, and always, the need for social distancing, as a weapon to stop the pandemic from spreading quickly to the other so as to break the health care systems of all countries. And to insist on the necessity of each and every one to support the actions of the World Health Organization.

(A record must-see it was Mary, not me, who has expressed that they are at the opening of the article: what is this show, it was the most important event in pop music in the world since Live Aid. It is an absolute truth, but it was Mary who first expressed it.)

An event with the same structure and the same basic purpose. But, in fact, is divided into two parts.

A part that lasted the first six hours, and was shown around the world via the internet and by the tv channels interested. In Brazil, the post-mortem takes place, it is, of course, if she’s interested – and he delivered it all in its entirety, from the iniciozinho to 15 in Brasilia before the end, at 23. I would imagine that in every country, at least one TV station has broadcast to the whole, as it has done in the post-mortem takes place.

Either way, it was all available all the time on YouTube.

In the first part, which took part artists from different countries – usa, China, Italy, France, germany, Ireland, England, new zealand, Nigeria, bolivia, Colombia, and South Africa. The escambau. Many of these artists are fairly well known. But you attended there, Annie Lennox, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, and Jennifer Hudson.

In the second part of the two hours of the end of the show, and were the game’s biggest stars: Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Vedder, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, Bob Geldorf of the time, the person who, like Bob Geldorf did with Live Aid, and came up with the idea to fight his way through to where the thing is to be organized.

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The great difference between the first six hours of the show, and the last two was that in this, the second part of the event was transmitted at the same time, the United States, the three major networks, broadcast TELEVISION, and the horribly rivals, between them, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

For the next two hours of the finest in the toilet in the richest country in the world – from the 20th to 22h on Saturday, with the three networks, the rivals teamed up to broadcast at the same time, this is the One World: Together, at Home. The show was presented at the same time by the three anchors, one from each of the networks.

I can’t remember another instance in which the three TV networks in the United States have joined forces in a broadcast.

This is an event that is absolutely extraordinary, the historic, the importance is huge.

Over the course of two hours, the whole of the population of the richest country in the world to have to see it in a TV show, in the defense of the World Health Organization, and the social distancing as the best weapon in the fight against the worst pandemic of the last 100 years.

That is: everything that represents the opposite to that of the president of the country, and Donald Trump. It’s the same, and the idiot-in-chief of the outmoded a right-wing populist affirmation of traditional values, which is the head of a fool, an idiot, a moron as president of the Federative Republic of Brazil, and Jeff Coronaro, the master of Darkness.

Trump has been negacionista as he could. But he passed up the potential of a fatality from the coronavirus. Took a long time to take action. It politicized by the pandemic. Blamed it on the chinese. In the face of growing absurdity of the number of infected and killed in this country, he was forced to download a little bit of the ball, the head of the grotesque, but, whenever you can, boot into the manguinhas de fora, advocates for an end to the isolation, and the return of the people to the streets.

This week, on the exact same weekend that this would happen in the One World: Together, at Home, and the idiot-in-chief, announced that his government would no longer contributing to the World Health Organization.

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It is an act so gross, so insane, so twisted, so pointless, so cruel, so murderous and, at the time at which the country approaches the peak of the pandemic, and the president of the Republic, to replace the ministry of Health. Take the experienced rider to put on the one that doesn’t know anything at all, such as well-defined, Mary Helen, RR de.

The two-hour defense of the WHO’s, the social isolation, the three TV networks from coast-to-coast. “From California to the New York island From the Redwood forest to the Gulf stream waters”, to use the words of Woody Guthrie, the man that Bob Dylan started out in the life, worship, and copy.

In fact, it is for the wise, a two – hour in- at the time, most of the best parts of the week to stick on the idiot-in-chief. In the midst of the year of the presidential election.

Donald Trump – which, on top of that had to do with the wife of the president Barack Obama for a second term of the George W. Bush administration to participate in the show, together with a complete sentence, on the other, you must not be sleeping well in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

At this point in the country’s periphery, the bottom of the bottom of the Third World….

I don’t know if all eight hours in One World: Together, at Home, they would have done to the head, not one of the fanatics mindless that love to Jair, jair bolsonaro.

The fanatical mindless doesn’t change his mind. They are impervious to facts and arguments, it is true.According to the latest Datafolha, 36% of brazilians are in support of this estultície, this is madness, genocidal, that is, Jesus is Coronaro, the master of Darkness.

On the face of it, it’s hard to follow the suggestion of the Lady Gaga, to open for the two hours of the end of the show, with a “Smile”, a song written by Charles Spencer Chaplin, a genius, who, it is well to remember, in the United States nearly drove you back to his native England in the midst of the paranoia of the witch hunt, when the radical right wing in the communist, even at the White House.

Even for a show as beautiful, it becomes difficult for the people to smile.

*Sérgio Vaz, a journalist, an ex-Estadão newspaper, The State, the Newspaper in the Evening, the magazines Marie-Claire, and at the end. Editing of the websites of 50 Years of Film and 50 Years of the Text.