Actor Morangos com Açúcar nominated for the Prize of German Film


The actor, a Portuguese-guinea-bissau Welket Bungué he was nominated in the category of Best Actor In A on the issue of 2020 is the Prize for German Film. The film Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. the account, with ten nominations, and the awards ceremony will be online in a day On April 24,.

The film was premiered in the most recent edition of the International film Festival of Berlin (The Berlinale) and was nominated in several categories at the Awards And Lola. The best Film and Best director – the Burhan Qurbani – join in the category for best male actor in a range of indications Berlin Well.

Already in the Screen, Welket Bungué he was in the running for the Silver Bear for best actor, getting the attention of the German Academy for Film-to-film. Even so, the thespian reveals to There it is alwaysamazing” that’s the Berlin Well you have so many candidates, “because there have been a lot of good work in Germany in the last year”.

The adaptation of the novel of the Alfred Doblin it depicts the life of a Francis, of the capitala refugee who wants to keep up their valuesin an area that is not in your favor”. The second is the main protagonist of the Berlin Wellthe team took a risk by diving into a whole new perspective than you. “role of an afro-descendant entering Europe illegally, and they want to keep the values in an area, which (…) does not provide for such a possibility”. This venture has brought with it. “reactions are very positive” for the project.

Welket Bungué in the 'Berlin Alexanderplaz'
Welket Bungué in the ‘Berlin Alexanderplaz’

Bungué he confesses that this task was an important event in your life, both professionally and personally. The challenge is to represent, in English and German, has given him the opportunity to learn from both languages but it will also absorb a part of the culture.

Despite the fact that, currently, the focus of the film, the international, Welket it was released in the Uk. The sixth season of the The strawberries with the Sugar and it was Ecuador as part of its curriculum in the country. While working for the land of the international, he does not close doors to potentialopportunities that are relevant in the context of Portuguese”.

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The actor, a Portuguese-guinea-bissau, which has now been in Rio de Janeiro, and it adds all the projects you have going on, and that is to be post-produced in the philippines, such as Peter (for she was the Bodanzkyand On The Subject Of Night (Bernard Reading).

Your job as a director

Already has some recognition in the Uk, Welket Bungué it has shown to projects in the field of performance. In 2019, two of his short films have been in film festivals of particular importance: “Arriaga to make the IndieLisboa and I’m not Finalized to make the The festivalas the only Portuguese rider in the international competition” he said to the There.

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