“All of this For A Pop Star’: take the quiz and find out just how much you’re obsessed with the song


This Friday (the 10th), the world will pass on the movieAll Of This For A Pop Starthe ” in Session “in the Afternoon”, which tells the story of the friends I (More), Ritinha (Mel Maia), and Maintenance (His Tan). That is to say, the plot doesn’t revolve around the lives of the trio, but the obsession of a group Slavabody Disk Boys. As well as all over the world who have ever had a group or a band favorite, and the characters are very much in love with them, and, as the title of the feature says, to be able to do it all at the same time. Having said that, in the Purebreak you want to know if you can do it all for her, pop star favorite, and why? Take the quiz and find out:

As has already been stated, in the “Anything For A Pop Star’, I, Ritinha, and Maintenance are big fans of the Slavabody Disk Boys. Just that they’re the kind of fan who is completely in love, and that you know it all, and to take the fight because of that. The story begins when they discover that the trio is coming for the first time back to the united states with a show in Rio de Janeiro. However, as we live on the inside, with the ability to watch this presentation, it is not so simple. And, as you might predict, they’re going to do everything in order to be able to see them up close and personal.

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Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, you know? After all, we know that in real life, there are a few fandoms it is very similar to a Piece of, Ritinha, and Maintenance. For example, the Assassin’s creed. Yes, everyone knows that all the fans of BTS, are completely overwhelmed by the group. But, at the very least, the boygroup it is still in use. There are people following in love with the bands that have already come to an end, as the One Direction and Previous seasons. But the love of a fan that isn’t, is it?