BBB20. Marquezine posta foto antiga with Manu fans that say, “Sisters.”


Bruna Marquezine it is strong in the campaign to stop a friend-Manu Gavassi on BBB20. It is in the hot seat this week, Babu Santana, and Maria Gonzalez. The actress posted an old photo of the singer in social networks.

“The task force ‘family’ close: a rt@. #FicaManu #ForaMari. I want the rain to vote!”, legendou the actress and the publication, with a single click of a to 2014.

The fans soon commented on the likeness between the two of them. “It’s a quarantine, or to The ta in the face, Selena Gomez,” joked one user. “Buguei with this picture, it took me a while to find out who was the one who” shot the other. “A lot of years of friendship! It has been in 2014!”, commented on The confirmation.

“B, I thought that she was his sister. I had to zoom in to make sure it was you,” said another.

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