Belo, a report by the open society, Bon Jovi, and others, to see their lives, and on this Wednesday


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Cátia de França, Roberta Sá Belo, a report by the open society, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and other national and international artists are presented free of charge online, this Wednesday (the 22nd).

Their lives will be in order to raise funds for a cause or as a means of maintaining the livelihood of the artists most in need, and spread on the internet, and from small-scale, home-to ‘meetings’ every man in his place, with the super-productions at the back.

Here’s the full list with the times of your lives.

  • Cátia de França – (Paraiba) 16: 30 (Instagram)
  • Raniery Gomes – 17 (YouTube)
  • Will Rt:) – 18 (Instagram)
  • Roberta Sa – 19 (YouTube)
  • Beautiful – 19 (YouTube)
  • Diego Fragoso – (Rt:) 19: 30 (Instagram)
  • Report by the open society – 20 (YouTube)
  • The Festival Of Jersey 4 JerseyBon Jovi, Halsey, Bruce Springsteen, Charlie, Puth, Tony Bennett, SZA, and Chris Rock ) – 20 hours (eastern time ) (Instagram)
  • Durval Lelys – 21 (Instagram)
  • Was Eilsh + Finneas – 21h (Brasilia time) (At & t).

You can also send the information in writing to the
the portal, whatsapp The 83-98149

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