Camila Cabello calls out to the mother at the time of the cutting off of the hair,


Many celebrities are cutting their hair at home during the quarantine, the coronaviruses, and this week’s Camila Cabello has shown the tragedy that almost happened with his mother for cutting his hair. The activity had almost ended in disaster.

On Monday (20), the artist has shared through the stories of Instagram, a video of it after I get out of the shower wearing just a towel, while her mother, Sinuhé Estrabao Cabello she combed through her hair her hair is wet.

She commented: “it’s All very personal, so this is what happens… The bangs are too long. I can not get out. I’m going to have to trust this woman,” she said in introduction.

“This is my fringe, because I don’t trust myself,” he said to his best friend Shawn Mendes, and while it turned the camera to show it to his mother. She said that in seventh grade she cut off her bangs, but now has to rely on her mother.

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“Well, then, I have seen a lot of posts warning people not to do it… Let’s see what it looks like. At the moment I’m with Him,” he said, referring to a fictional character in the “Harry Potter”.

In the middle of a haircut, a former member of Fifth Harmony gave fans a look at the work of the Sinuhé, on the grounds that her hair ‘has not seemed to be great.’ After that, he said jokingly: “It is already contained?*u all”. In response, Sinuhé said at the bottom: “You did not tell me!”.

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Camila Cabello is going to the girl, the heroine in the new video

Refusing to let his mother get away with it easily, She continued on with your comment and a cheeky, “My fringe is not like that… the short -, long -, long -, short -, long-and she’s just lined up horizontally, is this sh*… So we’ll see how I am. If I seem to be in the cursed Him…”

In spite of his doubt to the home, She admitted that the final cut ended up not looking too bad . In addition to this, she said, “Oh, well, I’m going to share with you all when it is dry”. Still, she gave fans a warning not to do it in the house, ” she told me that her mother gave her a pedicure in the morning, and it made her foot bleed. By admitting his guilt, Sinuhé he said with a laugh: “Yes, it’s me”.

Camila Cabello finds it ‘exhausting’ to his relationship with Shawn Mendes

The Spanish in quarantine.

In the days of old Camila Cabello has revealed to fans what have you been doing for the lonely, to spend all the time in the middle of a quarantine by the coronavirus.

The singer-and-actress admitted that she and her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, he is learning a new skill, and she is currently teaching at the singer to speak in Spanish for the isolation of them.

Camila Cabello teaches you Shawn Mendes speaking Spanish

The couple spent time together in Miami, Fla., is in the midst of the pandemic, the COVID-19, and Camilla revealed they are in teaching new skills to each other to pass the time.

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While it is Ok to teach your boyfriend how to communicate in Spanish, the show is In My Blood and has given you some guitar lessons for the Wife.

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