Christine and The Queens, cover, High-in-the-Room-of-Travis-Scott, — Journal of the Carioca


Yesterday (apr 12 ) Christine and The Queens has covered a song of Travis Scott’s ‘Over the top of the fourth,’ on Instagram.

With the release of Héloïse Letissier on a single by Scott to see a change for the native French in the middle of the hood. Watch the clip below:

In the caption of the Instagram, it is also observed in the local time zone, such as “in the morning at 4 / 20’“, as a reference, a bold choice of cover songs.

Christine and The Queens are kept busy during the isolation, and taking part in broadcasts of the night , playing covers and working on her third studio album , all at home.

“My original plan was to be in the us right now, to promote my EP,” she said in an interview with the RESPONSE at the beginning of this month, as of its release in February, ‘La Vita Nuova’ .

“I was going to do this one on american television, to stay in Los Angeles to do a few sessions with the players. I have decided to make this [the lockdown] as a sign to write a lot about myself at first. Looks very similar to the usual process when I get started on a new album. The mentality is different, because it’s my third album and I’m looking for something for a very wide-ranging, and full of hope. ”

At the end of last year, Letissier, he participated in the broadcast live on One World: Together, At Home , and playing two songs from ‘La Vita Nuova’: ‘People’, I’ve Been Sad,’ and ‘on the Mountain (we know it)’. Letissier has also covered the B-Side of’ by Steve Lacy in march, after the covering of The lights in cegantes the end of the week .

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