Critic | Lucy in the Sky (by 2019): “much ado about nothing


Films about space travel, tend to render the works, dense and reflective, especially when the main subject is not limited to the technology itself, but extends to the real protagonist of these achievements is the human being. Deeper, the work becomes when it is the glory of overcoming the journey is to be replaced by the shame of not being able to deal with their own set of limitations. There are not many copies of this focus, and less still of high quality, which is the “Lucy in the Sky” however, much more troublesome.

It’s interesting the perception of a movie about a space traveler who shows such a great journey, only in the first sequence, and all of the events to reflect on the consequences of such a journey. And, in the case of Lucy’s Cola’s (Natalie Portman), the astronaut in the sky of the title to the approach is psychological, and carrying a weight, very intriguing: it will be what we see in our world is routine, in the same way, after having a glimpse of the real vastness of the universe? You may even have said ‘yes’, but the idea of a “Lucy in the Sky” is to convince you of the opposite, drawing attention to the different qualities (physical, mental, social, etc.). “on it, and even then, showing that she has not been able to cope with the changes the status quo it’s an experience that’s so powerful it caused in their lives.

The premise has been released, and it certainly piques the interest, but the real issue here is how to run it as well I think. Certainly, the director, Noah Hawley, are making their debut in feature films after making the series, how to “Fargo” and “The Legion”I was full of good intentions. It is noted that the concern for representation of the crisis of anxiety, her is an example: it enables you to add images, you will certainly portray the inner thoughts of the past of the protagonist or even in the future, because of the imagination is not likely to be a friend at times like this, and these thoughts begin to arise, at any time, by a most ill-timed, that is, it repeats the phrases of the tests made in NASA, almost like a mantra, as if it were his anchor in reality, something that is able to calm herself in hard times.

It is noticeable, also, that Hawley was that it was for the best to bring their characters to life. Jon Hamm brings all of the charisma necessary to make us believe that his relationship with Lucy was not the only thing that made him feel alive, in addition to the desire for a return to the space. Ellen Burstyn doesn’t even have to work very hard to bring you a great time as a grandma ” on it. Zazie Beetz, and Dan Stevens, even though the characters one-dimensional, they are able to compose well for the main characters. But there is no way to highlight the work of Natalie Portman here, showing once again that she is one of the great actresses of today, even by not picking the best projects and to prove it. What does it do with a look or a stance that is very impressive, not to mention the weight that you have to have a camera aimed at themselves, 100% of the time. Any performance below that of the superb would have compromised the film, which certainly did not occur here.

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However, as the film progresses, and the goal is for Lucy to get back to that point estarrecedora if you walk away, the crisis will become worse, because that’s the only thing that really keeps the main character in the sound is becoming more and more distant. When that tipping point arrives, “Lucy in the Sky” is lost completely. The drama is about is the human mind designed in the early acts, it turns into a thriller of passion, which, if well run, could yield to something that is meaningful. But, unfortunately, it’s the story of a woman who is not able to connect with reality for the sake of the experience of a great impact, and takes the form of a thriller and the banal, where the main character doesn’t accept that the guy she ends up with a if you are a womanizing bastard who should go back to the others. The trigger for the final breakdown of the character is the strength of the human being that she was already cheating on him in the first place), and it’s not all that was going on in his head after the ride and before the end of discovery.

The change is so abrupt that it looks like a couple of the movies, there’s long been talk, but are forced to live under the same roof. An explanation is possible but not as likely) would be for the script to try and get closer to the true story on which the film is based. Well, isn’t that the magic of the cinema to talk about the facts in a subjective form and no obligation to stick to the facts? Unfortunately, “Lucy in the Sky,” you are so grounded in reality that even with the music playing Lucy in the Sky with Diamondsby the Beatles, is the soul one, in a sequence that is low for both motivation and aesthetic. It’s so important to use music that makes the title make sense, the best idea would be to put it on the end credits.

Chris Hadfield, well-known astronaut, who has also made videos for the YouTube by showing the day-to-day, for the space, and he spoke in a lecture on 21 years of experience in the space, and it’s safe to say that the more you know, the less fear you will feel to be there. What you can get out of this is that Noah Hawley, on his first full-length feature film, it seems to have been afraid of following up on your initial idea through to the end. If it came from him or was it pressure from the studio, you will hardly know. But there is no doubt that “Lucy in the Sky” was the perfect recipe for a dramatic film and a very successful one. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of anticipation for very little in reality.

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