Earth day, which is 50 years, with the debate on the resumption of the “green” economy


There are exactly 50 years ago, on April 22, 1970, over 100,000 people filled the entire length of Fifth Avenue, in midtown Manhattan, New York city. The scene was repeated simultaneously in the streets, parks, and universities, in hundreds of cities across the United States. The demonstrators were protesting against the pollution the oil spill in the ocean, and other environmental concerns of that time. It was a time of intense political activism for the sake of opposing the students of the Vietnam War. According to the organizers, about 20 million americans – 10 percent of the population of the country at the time – took to the streets on that day to demand the planet’s most clean. Was born on the Earth to-Day, or the Day of the Earth, and that it would have to be one to remember, every year on the 22nd of April.

As a result of the mobilization of a giant in the 1970’s, president Richard Nixon created at the end of the year, the us Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, its acronym in English), the federal agency charged with protecting human health and the environment. Shortly thereafter, the United States passed laws to control emissions, preserve water quality and protect animals that are threatened with extinction.

This year, because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, and the Earth Day will be celebrated with an event in the virtual world. The Earth Day Network, the organization that coordinates the movement has announced that it is going to pass along this Wednesday on the site, a series of messages written and the lives of personalities such as Pope Francis, the former vice-president Al Gore, actor Zac Efron and environmentalist, Dennis Heyes, who organized the first Earth Day.

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This year, in this instance, But Thunberg has released a video entitled “Our house is on fire,” which depicts a house on fire, in analogy with the Earth. According to the organizers of the awareness-raising campaigns reaching an estimated 1 billion people in more than 190 countries and regions.

The coronavirus is also placed on sustainability and the environment in mind. Various studies have shown that the social isolation of being forced to air pollution has decreased in many parts of the world. The director-general of the Organization of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said this week that the recovery is referred to as the coronavirus, should be made in a way to the amount that will be spent to recover the economy is to be geared towards the creation of businesses and jobs, and a more “green”.

The central theme of Earth Day this year is climate change. One of the things that should be discussed at the lives and the future of the Agreement in Paris, which was signed in rio in 2016, precisely on the 22nd of April, in honor of the date. Signed by 195 nations, the treaty to set targets for countries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, with the goal of keeping global warming below 2 ° c compared to the levels of pre-industrial times, seeking to limit it to 1.5 degrees celsius.

Ironically, the country that launched the Earth Day a half century ago, is today the main obstacle to an Agreement in Paris, france. In June 2017, to the president, Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of the american treaty on the grounds that he wants an agreement “fair” for the United States.” At the time of departure from the agreement will be made on November 4 of this year. The coronavirus may bring a new point to a complicated discussion.

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