Emily Hampshire says she would like to play the she-Hulk, or a Female Spider-man in the MCU


The actress Emily Hampshirespoke to the The Comic Bookwho would like to play in the She-Hulk or, in the Women’s Spider-Man in the USING.

“I would love to make the Women’s Game. I didn’t know that they are making a movie of it, but I do agree, but I like it. It would be good at it. The only other I can think of is that I would like very much to take the she-Hulk. I know that this is going on, and I’ve heard something about it. I figured it out, I finally went to the comic book, and I didn’t realize that it was so much fun. do you think she-Hulk muscles, and other things, but the one who is behind all of this is just a character that was so cool.”

Emily Hampshire is a canadian actress. In their papers, the most well-known include Angelina in the romantic comedy, 1998 Boy Meets Girl, Vivienne in the film, in 2006 Snow Cake, Jennifer Goines in a drama series Syfy, 12 Monkeys-and-Stevie Girl in a lot of the comedy in the The CBC, Schitt”s Creek.

So far, it is known that there are only Alison Brie it is being listed for the role She-Hulk and Alicia Vikander the Women’s Spider-Man.

Schitt''s Creek''s Emily Hampshire Down to Be She-Hulk or Spider ...

In the universe of film from Marvel comics this started in 2008 through the movie The man in the Iron produced by Robert Downey Jr.. under the direction of the Jon Favreau. Currently, the USING it is made up of 23 films, 6 short films and 11 serials.

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