Fight coronaviruses, and climate change simultaneously, ” says Greta Thunberg


People need to deal with the pandemic coronaviruses and climate change simultaneously, he said, the activist, and the climate of the Swedish But Thunberg in the event of Earth Day on Wednesday.

Thunbergthat he achieved fame at the age of 15, when he began to skip school on Friday to protest against carbon emissions in front of the building of the Parliament of Sweden, said that all the actions in sync to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus does not mean that the climate crisis is gone.

“Today is the Day of the Earth, and it reminds us of the climate, and the emergence of the environmental continue to be, and that we need to tackle the hiv pandemic in the crown… and at the same time that we are faced with the emergency of climate and environmental issues, and why we need to tackle the two crises at the same time,” he said Thunberg.

Taking part in an event transmitted via the internet to mark the Day, the Earth was created 50 years ago to emphasize the environmental challenges, he said, that the outbreak of the coronavirus means that it is now more important than ever to listen to the scientists and other experts.

“This is the case for all of the crisis, the crisis of the “corona” or the “climate crisis”, which is still continuing, and it is not slowing down, even at a time like this.”

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The past year has been the warmest on record in Europe, which extended for a number of years, unusually hot, to the extent caused by record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, according to a study released on Earth Day.

The hunger strike of the students of Thunberg it sparked a global movement, and turned to the young man, who is now 17 years old, the equivalent of a celebrity on the environment.

The founder of the youth movement Friday by the Future Thunberg and he wants eager for action against climate change attracted the imagination of many young people, but it bothered some of the leaders of the world such as the us president, Donald Trump.

In march, she said that it was most likely to be infected with the coronavirus after a drive in the country to be affected, but their symptoms were mild and that it has not been tested.