Fortnite: gift from Travis Scott and they are available to you, check the prices of the skins | fortnite

In the days between the 23rd and the 25th of April, there will be a five-show with Travis Scott in the game, in a sort of tour of the virtual world. He has yet to throw a new song at the time. The number of items, and skins, all inspired by the designs from Cactus Jack, the name of the song, it generated excitement among the fans of Fortnite. The artist is a Series of Icons, providing you with a hang-Glider Astroworld Cyclone, and the two loading screens it for free.

Recently, brazil has also been honored to be named on the stream-Kim “the Patriot”, has made history by becoming the first national representative in the game. Please note: the next episode-Chapter 2, Fortnite is going to take longer than you would expect. No reason for the change, Epic Games announced that a Season 3 will come only on the 4th of June, more than a month from the original date of the 1st of may.