Fortnite is already downloaded on the Android devices through the google Play Store


Fortnite is no longer available, officially, through the app store, Google The Play Store Now. The game is already out of Android smartphones, but it had to do with the download from the web site of the game, outside of the store. The The Unreal Engine who is the developer of the game, and kept all the downloads For 18 months, on its website, for to say that the commission has imposed on the store is misleading.

Google Play Store: Fortnite

Even though the game is already available on the google Play Store, in the opinion of the developer is following all the same. The whole application is now available on the app store must necessarily be, to dispose of 30% of the proceeds from the download of to Google as well. The microtransactions, which are the purchases made by the user in the game, they don’t count in this ratio. According to the company, is responsible for the development of the game, the rate is too high.

The company has announced the arrival of the game on the google Play Store through the social networks. The official profile for the game, made for the publication of an invitation to all Android users to download the game. In short, the players will have a the concert by rapper Travis Scott therefore, it is a good time to bring in new users.

In spite of its publication, have not made any mention of the subject, from the time that the game has been available in the app store, in its press release that it was clear. The company mentions that a very high percentage, which is imposed by Google, other than to say that you have decided to give up the game in the app store, due to the policy to download a third party Android.

When you download the app on sites other than Google, the company is issuing warnings telling you that your the app is not secure. This is because, without verification from the company that they are not able to assure you that the app is downloaded you have good or bad intentions, describing the attitude as a “technical and commercial”. Because of this, the system is sending out notifications to the user about the app is “creepy”.

The user also has the option of ignoring the warnings in the beginning and then do the download from the official web site of the company. Well, Fortnite does not belong to the system of fees web pages. The version found on the website is the same one that is available in the Play Store, there is no change.

As the company has decided not to do the optimizations, it is an indication that Fortnite is still in need of a the system’s powerful in order to run. The game is only available for smartphones with 4 GB of RAM or more and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) Adreno 530 buy-in, Mail-G71 MP20, C G72 MP12 or higher. This happens as the game demands a high performance of the device. If your device does not meet the minimum required specifications, and the app will send a notice to “this app is not compatible with your device”.

In addition to Android market, Fortnite, is available for with your iphone in the App Store, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo are the Switch and the PC. The desktop version can also be found in the The Epic Games Store this is due to the policy of charging a range of devices, such as, for example, Steam.

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